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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sharp Shooter

"It's hard to fight impulsive desires
whatever it wants it will take
at the cost of soul"

Once at a friend's party I got drunk. ("Now, when do I don't get drunk?",You ask.) For heaven sake, can you stop being cynical and hear me out!!! I staggered myself to "Samra", dragged him to kitchen and asked :

"Dude, how many times do we have to shoot our Ego in love?"

He smiled, one of his trademark smile, the one that he gives when he knows that you are out. A very impish smile and said, "MANY TIMES".

Looking back, I have shot my ego a million times over... A zillion times and each time I do that, I hate myself for doing it... but, I admire her too...

  • For making me do that

  • For her gut, to openly claim that she did that. Not many people have the guts to come out and say, "BOSS, Maine tumhe chutiya banaya. Tu awal darje ka bhosad pappu hai jo mujhse chutiya ban gaya"
    Well, she didn't exactly say that but that's a guy's way of putting it. A gal on the other hand puts it more subtly. Like the way she did: "Whenever I want something or get something , I sit and write the dumbest words I can write and my job gets done.."
    Intresting isn't? Either way I like that quality. I can take it all and take some more but I can't stand a lie.

  • She can still make me shoot my ego. Mass slaughter its siblings and still make me bahave like normal.

It's difficult to be angry on her. It's not only difficult but it's impossible. It's all my fault. So why blame her? Tell me, when you make a deal and you later realise that the salesman sold you an item which you really don't want. Whose fault it is? Yours or of the salesman. It yours and absolutely yours! The salesman needs to be appreciated.

And don't you worry about my ego. I have give it to "Anna" - "our college tapri man". He uses it as a filter to make "filter coffee". And he says my ego works better than his "filter". May be BMC can use it for garbage seggregation!!!

PS: This post is heavily edited