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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poem Is it?


Aghaz-e-tarab mein
yoon muskurata hoon main
Akele galiyaron main
kyon gungunata hoon mein
Dewaaron se aaj kal mein
fir hale dil sunata hoon main
Mehfilon mein akela sa
kyon khud ko pata hoon main
Chand ko mein
kyon ghazalein sunata hoon main
Badalon ki kasak ko
kyon sun pata hoon main
Dariyaa ki liakat ko
ab samjh pata hoon main
Falak mein udta hua
kyon khud ko pata hoon main
Jaam mein ab nasha
kyon na pata hoon main
Raat ko
kyon so na pata hoon main
Aaj kal uski Ibadat mein
sar ko jhukata hoon main
Baat to dheron hain
par kyon keh na pata hoon main
Teri tasveer dekh kar main
kyon chain pata hoon main
Tere chod jane ke baad bhi
kyon umeed banata hoon main
Akhir tumhe
kyon itna chahta hoon main

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday My Friend

Happy Birthday Luc!!!

It has been two years but I still miss you baby. You know, you always gave me strength. You know, you were my best friend. And did I tell you, you were beautiful!!!

Oh I did! Wherever you are just stay happy. Miss You very much. Once again A very happy birthday!!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Need Help

The time has come for the Acid test of my blog!!! Dear readers,this is the first time I am referring you all as "Dear", so don't you think you should return the favour. Even if you don't, just do it !!!

A close friend of mine is carrying out an survey and he needs 1500 responses so please take out two minutes of your time and fill it up. As it is I know you are sitting idle, why else would you be on my blog, so make yourself useful.
I am honoured but I am not asking you to wipe my butt!!! Just fill this questionnaire.