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Thursday, August 28, 2008


And I miss you.... like the deserts miss the rain....

Everyday I curse, about the workload and long for some rest and yet in the night ... when I hit the bed the sleep evades me... and I pray for some work just to banish you from my mind. ... In desperation I light a cigarette and move to the balcony for some fresh air... I see the stars through the smoke and sigh... What good is a cellphone when you don't have a number to call... I keep my cell back to my pocket ...I still remember those cruel words that tore me apart. I know you never meant them .... I believe you never meant them but here I am battered and shattered...

I long to see you... I yearn to hear your laugh ...but it never matters... Miles apart, you probably never realize that there is someone who really needs you. And I am here ... all alone, I am running ...for, power, prestige... career... No, I am running away from you... I am running away from life... And I smile... someday I will come back... and I promise...

Oops, I shake my hand as something hot touches my fingers. Damn, man I dropped my cigarette on the street below... It's perhaps the nature way to say "Boy, get back to reality!" .

I must go back to sleep...Tomorrow, a hard day awaits me...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Because I am Alive!!!

Alright, Ladies and and gentlemen Happy Friendship Day! Now, when the fucking formalities are over... Damn man "alliteration!" I am a God damn Fucking Genius!GDFG

I think It must be very clear by now, that this is a total trash. (alliteration Again!). I am completely confused, careless chap. Man I should rename this post as another annoying alliteration.

Complete crap!! I am speaking a blabbering bullshit but What the fuck are u doing here and reading a ununderstandable, unbearable crap.

Alright, I accept, I didn't want anyone to know that where the fuck am I? Secondly, I get highly irritated when you ask me where the hell Am I doing in my relocated city? Thirdly I hate it even more if I get such scraps on Orkut. So please and please don't bug me!

And please, Don't ask me why the fuck did I relocate? And any such stupid questions?And balls man If you ask if you ask my surname! I just don't keep one! Any problems ? And if it is it's yours so please don't bother me!

And yes I do have an attitude problem! Happy? Now you have issues then go get yourself a good Fuck! I don't give a damn!!! And Lastly I am rubbing my ass on a cheese grater to like my new place so don't make my task any more difficult!

Lastly, If you can do all this then "happy friendship day!"