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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Rest in Peace... My friend Torque (18 December 2002 - 8 April 2013)

Quote: Torque on the other hand is a silent assassin. Highly unpredictable - probably an influence of its name suggester!!! He adores me, strangely!!! Dies to be with me, again very strange! And yeah he has also talked to Nadira*. And their conversation is the world's best kept secret!  
Rest in Peace my friend.... Torque... I will miss you ... you know I will.. I know you were in pain... too much pain.. but they told me you had recovered well.. I was told you were able to hear again...

But you know Torque.... You were my closest pal after Luc... I loved you so much.. I loved you  .. when you stupid bull used to push your head to me... I loved scratching your head.. I loved it when I made you my pillow... and I hated it when I attempted to ride you and you always moved away... Why ... you stupid "boka" used to allow my younger brother  to ride your back...

I loved you .. and everybody else did.. I miss feeding you potatoes.. and the Mango... and papaya. Now for whom will I steal potatoes from the Kitchen?

And you know.. you should never shake your water off on the person bathing you...

And you know kiddo.. you were an excellent father.. watchful.. teaching them manners...keeping an eye on them... You are irreplaceable .. my kiddo.. mera "Torqi Torqi bachha"

Hope you find lots of potatoes and lots of mangoes where you go..