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Monday, August 12, 2013

Dream Girl My Take: 2

Well my readers, (if there are any) I have tons of unfinished & finished pieces but I am not posting them. Simple reason: the time is not right, and I will post them someday... one day. And believe me I am looking forward to that day. In the meantime, to keep this blog in ICU and not dead... I am working on a stolen idea from Sakhi's blog actually stolen long ago... Dream Girl: My take -1

"So?" asked the smiling man to the grim silhouette sitting on the ledge looking over the backwater...

 "Oh... I didn't were here..." replied the man on the ledge as he left a puff of smoke as he passed on his cigarette to his mate.

"Tumhe yaad  karte karte..
Jayegi rein saari..."

"Shut up, Sid!", I gave the cigarette to you so that you can keep quiet!

"Tum le gaye ho sang apne..
neend bhi humari..", Sid continued singing in his exceedingly irritating and pathetic voice.

"Damn, Sid... It's so calm, serene and beautiful  here...can't you just keep quiet?"

"Wait a minute, dude!, are we talking about the same thing. It's backwater and all marshy here and the night is pitch dark as a coal and the stupid crickets are singing a song while the mosquitoes are playing treble in my ears. So I must take offense on your statement, until ofcourse your so called date happens to be either an owl, or a bat or a pimple covered toad.

"Whom am I talking to?", the grumpy figure mumbled to himself.

After a brief silence, the ever smiling Sid said, "So?"

"So here is your card!, I didn't use it!"

"But you did use the Deo...otherwise she must have fainted..", Sid chuckled at his own joke.

"So, how did it go my dear roomie?", asked Sid.


"So when are you seeing her again?"

"I don't think I would!"

"You did use the deo... right? So how did she look?"


"You mean your 'GOOD'  that is 36-24-36 type good?"

"Look I didn't go with a measuring tape dude!", said the visibly upset man!

"I wouldn't mind if you took it with you!", chuckled Sid again.. "But you are a Man ..dude... I hope you are.." he laughed again, "a small one but nevertheless.. a man ..and you got eyes ... you can measure with your eyes!"

"So How big was hers?..this big, ....this", Sid  spoke in excitement ...while he made his palm expand at his every 'THIS?'

" Stop it Sid!"
"OK sorry, Bhabhi ke bare mein aise nahin bolna chahiye!" ( you shouldn't speak like this about your Sister-in -law!)

"Sid! Common She is just a friend! and yes she has a nice figure!"

"Friend! - Sale fir main kya Dushman hoon?" ( Am I your enemy then!)..." You bastard...  You hypocrite..You Dog! - You DID notice her assets but you want to act all proper and Noble gentleman!" Sid spoke with an extra emphasis on 'DID'.
"Tell you what you are a 'Gentleman!' ..."gentle'...-Man" gentle-man. Mr. gentle-man I am too good!"

"Sid! Please shut your crap!"

"Ok. No more jokes. I take it, she was DUMB! Well if you are not interested....could you please introduce her to me.. I loooooooove Dumb Bums...I mean gals!"

"No Sid, she is not Dumb... she is very smart! You are the one who is "Dumb" Sid.And if you don't stop I will tell Nikita that you were way too interested in Anjali!"

"Bloody, why do you always have to intimidate and threaten me? Well if she is smart and she is good looking, then what's wrong with .. her...Anjali... you told me her name! Man I am too good!"

"Don't you have anything better to do Sid, rather than poking nose in my private life!"

"Well firstly, I don't! Nikita is traveling and she will call me once she reaches her hotel room. Secondly, as of this moment, neither is anything private about this Anjali nor do you have a life!"

"What do you want?, Sid?", shouted the man in anger.

"Dude, you know very well what I want. It's almost two years...I want you to move on... Do you know what you want?", shouted Sid back,and walked away.

"I will ...I will move on Riva! I will.", mumbled the man in the darkness.

"Sid!", came a call from chilling silent night, as a figure emerged from darkness to light.

"Sid! I am sorry",

"You asked what a I wanted?", said Sid in a very serious tone, as he kept his hand on the pole of the street lamp.
"I wanted to shag on you bed while you were gone. And I was blissfully doing it when I noticed your bag!!!"

"No, you didn't! Sid?"

" Yes I did, my dear Roomie", laughed Sid as he ran away.

"Hey, wait ... the cigarettes...will..... break", giggled  Sid, as he tried to loosen the grip on his neck by his roomie.

The two men shared a cigarette as one of them spoke,"You sing pathetic! And it is very irritating!"

" It took me years of practice to  perfect it!"

"You call that singing..Perfect!!!"

"What singing? I was talking about irritating!!!"...

Sounds of laughter could be heard on a lonely silent road till wee hours of morning....

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Rest in Peace... My friend Torque (18 December 2002 - 8 April 2013)

Quote: Torque on the other hand is a silent assassin. Highly unpredictable - probably an influence of its name suggester!!! He adores me, strangely!!! Dies to be with me, again very strange! And yeah he has also talked to Nadira*. And their conversation is the world's best kept secret!  
Rest in Peace my friend.... Torque... I will miss you ... you know I will.. I know you were in pain... too much pain.. but they told me you had recovered well.. I was told you were able to hear again...

But you know Torque.... You were my closest pal after Luc... I loved you so much.. I loved you  .. when you stupid bull used to push your head to me... I loved scratching your head.. I loved it when I made you my pillow... and I hated it when I attempted to ride you and you always moved away... Why ... you stupid "boka" used to allow my younger brother  to ride your back...

I loved you .. and everybody else did.. I miss feeding you potatoes.. and the Mango... and papaya. Now for whom will I steal potatoes from the Kitchen?

And you know.. you should never shake your water off on the person bathing you...

And you know kiddo.. you were an excellent father.. watchful.. teaching them manners...keeping an eye on them... You are irreplaceable .. my kiddo.. mera "Torqi Torqi bachha"

Hope you find lots of potatoes and lots of mangoes where you go..