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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The River

Late at night,
in the dark sky
hidden from the world 
The frozen river weeps

In the eerie silence
the frost melts a little
drops of tear rolls
as the whole world sleeps.

Not known to a soul
the dead ice speaks
of the broken vows
and blood that seeps

Rotten are the wound
of the dumps of the past
hidden beneath the white fortress
the stench that reeks

Yet the morning comes
and the river shines n breathes
None bothers why
the cracks goes so deep

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ek Pathar ka tukda

Main jo hoon
bas wahin hoon...
main to bas
ek pathar ka tukda hoon

Chota chamakdaar chikna
bheegi ret mein daba hua
lehro ko choota hua
suraj ki raushni mein sota hua

ek pathar ka tukda tha
main jo tha
bas waheen hoon
main ek pathar ka tukda hoon

Tumne uthaya mujhko
Ret ke kile ka
Deewar banaya mujhko
fir wahan se dwaar pe lagaya tumne

main na to deewar na dwaar tha
main to sirf tumhara vichaar tha
main tumhara khilauna bana
main ek pathar ka tukda hoon

fir tumhi ko meri chiknahat pasand aayi
tumhi ne mujhe ghar pe laya
fir bekar samajh ke nikaal diya
main na to chikna bana na bekaar bana

Main jo tha
Bas wahi raha
Chota chamakdaar chikna
mai ek pathar ka tukda  heen raha

tumne mujhe ek moorat mein sajaya
Durga ka shringaar banaya
tum khud heen mere samne jhuke
mujh fir pani mein tumhi ne doobaya

main na to shirodharya tha
na heen shringaar tha
main to wo he tha
main sirf ek pathar ka tukda tha

fakir se mujhe tumne manga
gale ka haar banya tumne
kache dhaage mein baandh mujhe
apna naseeb banaya tumne

Wo kya kisi ka naseeb badalta
jo kache dhaage se bandha
khud hawa mein latka hai
Main to bas ek pathar ka tukda hoon

Main jo tha
woh aaj bhi hoon
Chota chamakdaar chikna
main ek pathar ka tukda hoon

Woh tumhara heen chal tha
jisne mujhe toda
Ek ratan bana kar
mujhe ek angoothi se joda

Zameen par pada koi ratan hua hai
Toot kar koi bahumulya bana hai?
main naheen toota
tumhare kapat ne muje toda hai

Tumne heen mujhe chuna
hamesha sang rakne ka wada bhi kiya
fir achanak kisi ke kehne pe
tumne heen utha kar fek diya

Tumne khud heen vada toda
Tumhi ne mana heera
Tum heen kaha roda
main to wo heen hoon jo tha

Main kahan badla?
Chota chamakdar chikna
Adha adhoora, Sadak par pada hua
Main Ek pathar ka tookda hoon

Main jo tha
Wo aaj bhi hoon
nazarein to tumhari badalti hain
main bas ek pathar ka tukda hoon

Monday, January 20, 2014

Coiled Falcon

The sandstorm came
and stripped the nest
the Falcon's wings
were ripped to dust
gripped was the bird
in the winds of time

No wings to fly
Not a second to cry
wrapped in the cold
the prey was bound

Coiled by the serpent
Choked in its grasp.
No light and No air
No hope and only despair

Bones were crushed
And body battered
Blood turned blue
and dreams shattered

From sky to dust
in blink of an eye
He wanted to die
to escape it's grief

The snake venom didn't burn
nor did he miss his wings,
what hurt him the most
he had no home to turn

He had no fight left
He had no will
Proud he may be
he wanted to lay still

Filled in darkness
Broken by heart
Raped of his respect
and clipped of his wings

Death was an escape
but his life was not his
He still owes to a Merlin
so in Coils is the Falcon Still