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Monday, November 17, 2008

Crap ... Crap .. and simply crap...

Alright man! This is not personal .. this is not grumbling.. This is simple case of disappointment...

Now I know nobody reads this blog and those who read it .. may take it personal.. and may think me as a sissy! I give a damn... After all I am more or less anonymous..

Crap man! My humour has gone sour.. Damn man it is crap...

Ok I'll make it simple.. I am tired, exhausted , after a days work and lately have been bedridden. Needless to say I need rest, and I do think I have earned myself a well deserved some "good time". Now, what the heck am I doing.. writing a dumb post for a blog that nobody reads...

My tolerance level are at a record low. Man I get pissed even just by looking at a kakrooni collegue of mine. So, in short I am exploding over thing which I normally ignore.... Like readership level of my blog!!! I want this post of mine to shout to the world that I have been let down. And let down in a big way!

Now I have waited for this blogie award that is going on at a some XYZ blog. Now why wouldn't I name that url becoz I can't prove anything... Actually this blog is a damn good blog..and when this award was started I expected to find some awesome nominations... And there were so..Among them was mine.. an honour in itself!!! And I thank the person who nominated me! ( I don't know who!!!)

I was thinking to promote this award thing and just cheat if I could with the poll thing.And crap Man that is irrelevant....

Now I know why Bollywood movies balantly copy the Hollywood counterparts !!! Because they can do it and get away with it as an "inspiration". And this "inspiration" is recognized!!!

Now I know I can't prove anything! But the one post that made into the final list was a inspiration. Judges.. do you hear me? There is one post in the category is not original. It's a copy !!!! And It's a poor copy!!!

And I am indeed disappointed.. especially from the blogger who created this whole award thing... The last place where I expected to find "idea hijacking" in the whole blogosphere was your blog.

Damn man I would have posted you the proof if I could have.. but I don't have any proof..and becoz I can't prove; ...that bugger will get away with it!!!

Crap .. crap and double crap.... Man I have read the Idea somewhere... If I am not mistaken then it is the in the book called "Sixty steps to precis" by some Alexander... It may be L.G Alexander or it could be P.G Alexander. But I don't know if it is that book or some other.

What I am sure that I have read that crap and pathetic crap before... And I Know it for sure..

Super let Down!!! I am disappointed... Damn that "kakroona Copy Pruna" blogger!