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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Some vestigial feelings

Now, back home my mother offered me some sweets. Politely I refused. Small gesture! Isn't it?

Unfortunately it wasn't so in my mother's view!It was "Besan Ka Ladoo"- my favourite! And the interrogation began...

Mom: Are you OK?
Me: yes
Mom: Toothache?
Me: No
Mom: Isn't it Good?
Me: No. It's fine.
Mom: Then why aren't you taking it? Surprised at my refusal since I have always had a sweet tooth!
Me: I have stopped taking sweets!

Now, this simple statement turned the line of fire to my father. "Look your son has stopped taking sweets. he has reduced his sugar intake, and has become health conscious! And you at the age of 50+ is taking so much of sugar and fat with all the milk and cream!

I felt sorry for Dad! Poor chap! getting all stuff for no fault of his.

Now, i am not health conscious at all. It's just that I hate looking at sweets now. I couldn't tell the reason to Mom for this sudden change but I could tell it here. I am more or less anonymous and nobody ever reads my blog . So it's quite safe.

After much of request, Nadira my sweetest, my "khoob bhalo mishti" finally decided to meet me for the last time. Our last few conversation were more of a fight and in probably the most coward way possible i.e on online chat.

I guess, she must have prepared for all the accusation that she expected me to make and some more. OK, I confess I am sarcastic even to her and I did think to give her a piece of my mind. So what are you gonna shoot me???

But hello, this was supposedly our last meeting, right? So it should be sweet. Isn't It? And finally we met, I was all cordial, friendly and I believe not sarcastic at all. Though I wouldn't place my bet on the last thing! The point is it's not easy to be angry when you look at her! This girl has me walking on the air and so does Sushmita Sen, Rekha, and Latitia Casta. It's all male hormones I guess!!!

Anyway, this was not she expected in all probability! I gave her a box of chocolate, (by asking her to hold it for me.) And hell, It's difficult to hold and just hold a box of open chocolate especially when someone rubs you with a statement, "It's a crime to refuse a chocolate"

Where was I? Ah yes Chocolate! So it wasn't a bad evening. Crucify anyone who calls it a "date"? She offered me a piece and look at her daring, she used my punchline: "It's a crime to refuse a chocolate." Doesn't she know it's patented and copyright protected? And instinctly, my hand made a movement only to stop...

My inside were paining as if put on fire. Just as they do as I write. Some volcano erupted inside me as its molten lava burnt my inside. A gag and a clot formed in my throat. And my mind said...

"I know it's has been a great evening for you. I have been all friendly, courteous, and chivalrous etc (Suggest me some more adjective, I got to build a rep.)No accusation, and most of all this is the last time you are going to see the most irritating, useless, worthless and unimportant character in your life. ( Got to write these stuff makes it more appealing to the readers especially the females. God knows what will I do to get more hits!) And I also know that you would rather be caught dead than be seen with me. Fair enough! (So noble of me!!!) But that doesn't mean you go on distributing sweets on road! Least of all to me!"

And the same feeling continues even today. Where is my cigarette? You may call this "burning feeling" as Love, Sadness, depression, desperation or any other thing you like I call it plain and simple "Acidity". I should not have skipped my meal ... Didn't I tell you I am not health conscious at all!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stumped by Innocence

Well all those who have stumbled upon my blog ... let me warn you there are hell lot of craps lined up but I have not posted up probably very soon but not today.. The other day I was wondering whether kids of today are really innocent that we expect them to be. I have seen such a lot of superficial comments that really makes me think that slowly but surely kids are being corrupted and becoming more and more world wise ... by which I mean, that the innocence we look in kids, that non-malign open heart feeling is lost. However three incidents reaffirm my faith that there is hope and corrupted innocence is innocent too.

During one of my Pune trip, I came to Alka Talkies. Now when I used to stay in Pune, it was one of the two halls that used to screen English movies. I bet I paid more time in Alka than in my college so u can imagine my nostalgic feelings. So we bought tickets Die hard 4 and suddenly this street urchin springs up and asks me for some money. His excuse like hadn't eaten the whole day and kind of stuff. Now please I can't be fooled, but I look at his face - a cute one and offer him all the change I had. And lo, he takes the money and starts jumping and says now I am going to watch movie too!!! Shows me some folded 10 Rs note that he had collected from others. Innocent isn't it? Corrupted by society but innocent!!!

The second incident happened a few years ago... I happened to attend a party thrown by one of my parents acquaintance much against my wish. It was such a bore as I barely knew anybody there. Now, this party had only one attraction - our host's stunning daughter. "Rascal", you say. Thank you very much! I had nothing to do so I offered to help our host by offering to ensure that her young son drinks milk - Sadistic pleasure. So here starts my trouble, after trying everything and failing miserably I took my last gamble. I switched on cartoon channel and referred to the strong body of some super hero. I go on GA GA over his strong body and said it came from drinking milk. Then I pointed to my body and said I don't have a good chest because I didn't drink milk. The young chap was showing interest. And then came my master stroke, I said, " You know when you drink milk half of it goes to your right chest and half to your left chest so you great strong muscular chest. The more you drink milk the more muscular and prominent chest you have." Mission Accomplished!!! the young chap was drinking milk... Suddenly he stopped. I asked what happened - he said, "bhaiya us hisab se to didi to sab se jyad doodh peeti hogi" Roughly translated in english, "Bro by that logic my sister must be drinking the most of milk". I simply stood up and ran away. Innocent again!

Third incident involves my younger brother.. He had just been admitted to school in Lower KG and on his return from school on the second day, I still remember the conversation we had. And his monosyllables haven't changed till now. ( he is STD 10 )
Me: school mein kya hua? ( what happened in school?)
Bro: kuch nahin (Nothing)
Me: Miss kuch boli? ( Did your teacher say something?)
Bro: haan boli ( Yes she said)
Me : kya boli? ( what did she say?)
Bro: budhu! (stupid!)
Me : kyon? ( why?)
Bro: hum nahin likh rahe the (I was not writing anything)
Me: (Hugging him) Agar samajh mein aa nahi raha that to pooch lete. Agali bar samajh mein nahi aye to pooch lena fir likh lena. ( if you did not understand you should have asked your teacher. Next time ask her and then you write.)
Bro: (Angrily) roj roj kya " A hi likhte rahenge. Do din se sirf A. Hum budhu hain ki woh hai? har roj A! bas gussa ke hum sabn likh diye A-Z. ( everyday should I write only "A". Since 2 days I have been writing only A. Am I stupid or she is? everyday A! So in anger I wrote all . A-Z )

Cruel On our part to teach a toddler A, B without him knowing what it means. It's like donkey's work! Sadly enough it still remains the most used method and perhaps the only way!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


I took this test as I found it on poonam's blog ... Boy its true to a large extewnt..Is that you all feel about me. Your comments are appreciated. Take the test
You feel that everything is going against you and you are worn out and exhausted by all the conflict and quarrelling. You are trying to protect yourself but at the same time you are hiding your feelings, hoping that by so doing, you can avoid exposing yourself to attack. Hopefully this will give you the chance to get on with your life. Nevertheless, you should be very careful to try to avoid stirring up any opposition which might endanger your plans.

Always anxious to accept the role of the leader, as indeed you often work well with people - but try to stay out of the limelight. You'd like a life of ease with no one to rock the boat and someone who understands you is so important in your life.

Matters are not progressing as well as you would have hoped and you are having to make concessions - but you still believe that your goals are realistic it's just that people can't seem to see your point of view. You know what you want but you'll only accept suggestions under duress.

Whatever has caused the situation, you just don't seem to be able to sustain or maintain relationships as you would wish to. What you really seek is to be able to develop a relationship with someone with whom you can truly share: Love, Serenity, Peace and Quiet. But you are a very demanding person and it is your nature that leads to disquiet and discord: you are like the tide, flotsam and jetsam... One minute you experience 'highs' and a few moments later 'lows'. This obviously will introduce discord into any relationship and with this demanding attitude - the ideal state you desire is unable to develop. Despite the urge to gratify your natural desires, you impose a considerable self-restraint on your instincts in the belief that this demonstrates your superiority and raises you above the common herd. You are extremely critical of everything that is presently going on around you and you find it difficult to listen to or to take advice from anyone. You enjoy the original, the ingenious and the subtle.

It is strange that the anxiety that you are experiencing at this time is of your own making simply because of your desire to be respected by your fellow man and with those whom you work with. You are not satisfied. The normal congenial 'you' is becoming quite introverted. This is becoming increasingly more obvious because you seem to shy away from participating in everyday activities. You are refusing to allow yourself to become involved or to participate with others and it is the reluctance to communicate that is the inherent cause of your problems.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The fishy Iraq war

This post has been jotted down from memory. I haven't done any recent research so I ask the readers to pardon me if I get my numbers wrong, it will always be near to the exact figure. I ask my editor to correct the figures should he have some spare time.

While the second Gulf war, was a cake walk for the US until the capture of "Saddam Hussein". something was fishy about the entire episode which most of us missed including yours truly, until I read an article from a Russian diplomat who was earlier associated with the Russian Intelligence. Most of the point in this post are inspired from his article.

Iraq during the first Gulf war put up a brave fight before US. It not only denied US to enter its home soil for long but also inflicted severe economic loss to the US, if not military. However It seems Saddam had forgotten its basic this time. Except for the battle of "Basra", hardly put up any resistance.

I am no military analyst, but I play Chess. And in chess , when you see you cannot win , you defense, cut off all entry point to king, and delay looking for a possible stalemate. Did Saddam took these measures? No. Going by the first Gulf War, one thing is for sure that Saddam at least knew about these measures that could have left US still trying to capture Baghdad...

* Firstly, Iraq could have set fire to its oil fields like it did in 1992 making really difficult for US to advance.The move would have shot Oil prices world over, increasing pressure on the US to withdraw.
* Secondly, it could have blown the bridge over Tigris river, thus cutting the entry point to Baghdad.Turkey having refused US to use its "Air Space" it would have been really difficult to capture Baghdad with only Air Strikes. Instead not a single mine was found on the bridge.
* Thirdly, Us estimates around 76 fighter jets mostly MiG in possession of Iraq. Scrutiny of defense deals of other nation confirm this number. Where were they during this war? And where are they now?Nobody knows.
* Fourthly, Iraq had much more Scuds(missile) than it used.Three, if I am right where are the rest? And why weren't they used? The three that were used were also off target, one of them landing in mid-desert. At least they could have been used in Basra where they knew the exact position of enemy.
* Fifthly, Where are Saddam clones, during the Gulf war 1 US captured or killed at least nine of them!
* Sixthly, A large amount of Saddam money is unaccounted for!!!
* Lastly, and most importantly, ( this one taken from the article itself) When Saddam Hussein was captured the US media covered the operation, moments after Saddam Surrender if not live. While they were covering the palace, the hole and the soldiers who took part in the operation, they shot (may be accidentally) a scene where TWO SOLDIERS POSED UNDER A DATE TREE, zoom in on the picture & you would see FRUITS ON TREE. This is surprising for at that time DATES WERE OUT OF SEASON IRAQ.

These loop holes indicate either of the two possibilities, Either Mr. Saddam Hussein was captured long before the war or there must have been some kind of behind the scene, agreement between "Saddam and America" & he is alive now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yes Boss!!!

This is an old draft ....
According to "Ramayana" when "Lord Ram "decided to attack "Lanka", he had one major difficulty-"How do I take my vast army across the great ocean?" He instructed his chief engineers "Nal" and "Neel" to construct a bridge across the ocean.

They set out to do so, throwing rocks into the sea after writing "Ram" on each stone into the sea. And, lo the rocks floated! However, when "Lord Ram" himself tried to do so, the rock sunk! On asking the reason for it, "Nal" and "Neel" replied, "oh lord, these rocks were floating in the sea by the virtue of your name, but when you yourself left someone(in this case the rock) how could it float!"

A classic example of flattery!!! The most probable explanation for the story (ignoring the recent controversy) could be that the rocks that floated were "Igneous Rocks" made by cooling of upper layer of lava and fumes. These rocks contain a large number of air spaces between them thus making their average density / specific density lighter than that of sea water. Eg : " Pumice stones' that women use to scrub their feet. And "Nal" or "Neel" "being monkeys" were able to distinguish and select those stones where as "Lord Ram" did not.

Anyways, what does it take to get to the top???

"Yes Boss", you are right. It is not hard work, honesty or talent. It is your ability to remain loyal to the high command and say "Yes Boss".

"Yes Boss", can take you to the TOP!!!It can make you the "PRESIDENT"!!!

"Yes Boss", I am talking about "Pratibha Patil" the president of India (but not my president).

What has she done to become president to except saying "Yes Boss". If she is the best woman for the job then "my dear women of India" please go and immolate yourself. If she is the best candidate from "Maharashtra" then please rename the state as "DHITRASHTRA"!!!

And if you take her elections the symbol of rising woman and women empowerment then by that logic even our "Tulsi" of "Kabhi saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" fits the bill.

"Yes Boss", you are right when you say she looks as an uneducated "granny' with a saree covering her head, with her "bright red sindoor" adorning a fifth of her face round spectacles out of 1857 and two teeth borrowed from a rabbit. "Yes Boss" you are right if you say that her attire resembles a woman coming straight out of 16th century.

"Yes Boss", you are right, when you say "Kiran Bedi" not an empowered woman because she doesn't speak the two golden words one should say to the UPA Chairperson - "Yes Boss".

"Yes Boss", and you are right again when you say that "Dandewal" is the best man for the job of commissioner for he is the one who says "Yes Boss".

"Yes Boss", I think he is the same "Dandewal" who was present at the scene of famous "Jessica Lal' murder.

"Yes Boss", you are right again when you say that I should shut up and say- "Yes Boss", UPA has really made the country proud. "Yes Boss"- you are right, no matter what India is still great!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Last few weeks are weeks has been weeks of realization. I have realized a lot. It has helped me attain a certain level of enlightenment. I always say, “Knowing a fact and accepting THE fact are two different things”.

The facts that I have accepted are:

• Girls are stupid but they are not stupid enough to be seen with me!!!

• Sarcasm is in my blood.

• I can live without cigarette for more than 19 days.

• No matter what you do, how big you are; Mom is always going to make you drink milk.

• Drinking milk does not make you sloshed, though you may still feel like throwing up! It is non-alcoholic in nature!

• Never test your younger brother martial art skills especially when he is state champ. Even with guards you can still get beaten black and blue. The worst part is that you cannot show that you are hurt!

• When caught in above situation, twist his ears and slap him. He/It won’t resist. After all you are elder!!!

• In the above situation it is highly recommended that you have a third hand to shut his mouth. He calls Mom for aid. Can’t get even EVEN!!! Bu hu hu!

• Your dogs too take your bro’s side!!!

• Your white shirt, cannot escape your dog’s paw print. Lots of washing to do!

• You cannot wear jeans for more than 3 days if mom is around.

• You realize that most of your cream coloured dresses are actually white!!! Thx to mom again.

• Breakfast at home is at 8:00 am and dinner at 10:30 (latest) and not the other way round!!!

• Your dogs get a sadistic pleasure by licking your face and that too at 5:30 AM night. Oops back home it is Morning and certainly not a Good Morning!

• Not many would agree, but I can share anything with mom and she keeps it secret!!!

• Hate as much as you can but railway coaches are bound to have cockroaches!

• My ego is bigger than me.

• I sing to irritate people!

• Nobody reads my blog. Alright almost nobody!

• A washing machine has a distinct advantage over your girlfriend. You see neither can cook!!!

• Fine Shoot me, I admit in my post I might have made you a villain but it is unintentional. It’s just my side of the story. I do not, in anyways, want to malign you. It was, is and probably (I hope I am wrong) will be just be one – way street. AND IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT IT WILL NO LONGER BE A STREET IT MEANS I HOPE IT WILL BECOME BOTH WAY STREET AND NOT TWO WAY. ALREADY IT IS DIFFICULT ENOUGH!!! (don't want competition). It is my mistake (the posts and I intend to repeat it.) I am sorry. That is again if you read it!

• Hey, I can say SORRY too!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why India doesn’t fare well in sport?

First the facts:
India’s population: 100 crore+
Basic needs of man: Food, clothing and shelter
No. of Olympic gold medals: can be counted on fingers

• Now how many people does it take to make a hockey/football team? 11. And how many people are there in a squad? 16. Now tell me how would you react if you know if you realize you are the 17th in a team? Disappointed??? Now how would you react if you know that your entry ticket no is 51st? Try your luck elsewhere! Exactly! That’s my point.

With the exception of cricket, there is hardly any sport which you can make a career. Now you are 51st rank in 100 crore + population but you can’t make the sport your career. And I am still being optimist! When you want to make an ace team you not only have to provide for the best but also for the “also ranked”!
With no support system to handle the failures, or rather those who cannot make it to the top 16there is little chance that anyone would make sport his profession. Unfortunately for us, we cannot assure even the best hockey players a decent living. You can’t ask somebody to take hockey or basketball as career when you can’t assure them their basic needs.

• Do we really have a system which takes care when players are injured? No, certainly no. An injured player is left to fend for himself! You can’t take them as expendable assets! (Ya I know that phrase has been taken from resident evil!!!)

• Can you give them their due recognition? No! Admit it, Sania Mirza is getting all the publicity because she is downright SEXY. That’s all! Disagree? Ok. Can you remember the names of any six women cricketers? Name the Indian women who is the world boxing champ? Which category? Even I don’t remember!!!Name the player who is the world carom champ? (Please don’t use Google just to prove me wrong!)

• Do we have the required facilities? Remember “Jaspal Rana” he walked out of the national coaching centre because it didn’t provide him with ammo. His rift with the coach also played a significant factor. He spoke about it only after winning another gold at Doha (which event I don’t remember. You see point number 3). Can an average Indian afford to buy a pool table?

• Can you keep politics out of the system and the selection process?

• Do we have the necessary scouting staff and mechanism to hunt for new raw talent? The archers in the north-east hit bull’s eye from thrice the distance of Olympic standard (however they don’t fare well when asked to shoot from a nearer range). Can you hunt and tap a talent from a district judo meet?

These are just some of the random examples. The bottom line is that to win gold you got to give enough reasons to youngster to take sport as a career. If you can’t do that it is useless to talk of 100 crore+ population and a handful of gold medals.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

GUYS SAY IT TOO- Yes they do!

Here are some cheesy and romantic lines actually said by guys.
  • I can give my life for her one genuine smile, all she has to do is ask for it!

  • The last time I met her- She told me that she is sorry she couldn't get me a gift on my birthday but she came and that's THE BEST GIFT I have ever received.

  • Boss, I cannot guarantee that I will keep her "VERY HAPPY" all the time but I can guarantee that SHE will be HAPPY with me all her life.

  • "WOH mere bina bahut khush hai" (eyes moist and smile on face)

  • "SORRY"!!!

  • "Aaj uski bahut yaad aa rahi hai"!!

Unfortunately, most of the statements are said after the guy is drunk!!! Notice the absence of "second person". ( Absence of the word You ) in the above statements.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I, Me and Mr.Socrates

Now my boozing spree has made me a complete broke so don't expect any more of senti - senti post.I am back to my senses and back at my sarcastic best.

Now philosophers and psychologists, say that sarcasm indicates Passive Resistance whatever that means!!! They even go a step ahead to claim that being sarcastic is a symbol to show that you don't respect your partner/peers, but as you know it these philo psychos (read fully psycho) are loads of bullshit.

Anyways, talking of philosophy , I was once in my philosophical mood and contemplating and thinking( read exerting my knees). A few question popped up in my so called brain which I believe is nothing but an enormous reserve of energy, good enough to last for about 50000 years, if exploited. Courtesy: loads of cow-dung that has been condensed and deposited in my little brain. Oh, my God! That's the reason for my great hair(read mane).Only natural fertilizers for my crop (read hair).

So, this fool made a mistake of asking question to himself. And here is an interesting conversation that went on:

Mr Socrates: Do you believe in God?
Me: yes.

Mr Socrates: And God always does good?
Me: right!

Mr Socrates: So, God always does right?
Me: right!!!

Mr Socrates: Then why does he make people die?
Me: So that they may go to heaven....

Mr Socrates: Heaven or Moksha?
Me: Moksha

Mr Socrates: So, you believe in the theory of rebirth?
Me: Ah, Yes (Hesitatingly).

Mr Socrates:Are you sure?
Me: No. I don't believe in rebirth but I believe in Moksha.

Mr Socrates (Smiling):OK. Let us assume that there is no rebirth but Moksha! Fine?
Me: yeah.

Mr Socrates:Then can you tell me, why are some born orphan, handicapped or severely deprived?
Me: Ok. I believe in rebirth and it is due to their past deeds or sins.

Mr Socrates: Ok. Let us assume there is this theory of rebirth?
Me: yeah.( I hate it when he says Ok.)

Mr Socrates: then according to you people are given status or environment, or say deprived of something due to their past sins. please try to understand the feelings.("bhavnao ko samjho").
Me: Yeah.

Mr Socrates: But people usually don't remember their past lives so is it fair that you are being punished for something that you don't even know you have done?
Me: No.

Mr Socrates: Then God does not always does things right?
Me: No!!! May be this Moksha concept is all wrong! May be theory of heaven is right!

Mr Socrates:OK. If you believe in heaven then you believe in hell too, right? There can be no heaven without hell, right?
Me: Yes. ( Another bombshell is coming!!!)

Mr Socrates:Now if go to hell you must stay there till eternity, right?
Me: Yes right.

Mr Socrates:Now let's say you commit one murder, and you go to hell. Then Don't you think if you have to pay till eternity? Is it fair? Even in India life imprisonment is of 14years?
Me: No, but may be after, say 300 years you are shifted to earth or heaven!!!

Mr Socrates:Now by that logic, if you are shifted to Earth we go back to the
theory of rebirth.And if you are shifted to heaven, then according to you even a rapist can enjoy privilege of saint?
Me: No, may be God doesn't exist!

Mr Socrates:Then how do you account for your creation, the universe and everything? What constitutes good or bad?
Me: OK. God exist you idiot! And you are too small a person to understand how this system works.And don't bug my brains anymore!

Mr Socrates: Can I ask one more question?
Me: Shut up. A fool can ask more question than a wise man can answer, and you Dumbo, don't you know that I am speechless even during vivas.

Mr Socrates:Please one more. no more questions on God. Please.
Me: yes, but only one and no God.

Mr Socrates:Why are you losing your hairs and it is turning grey?
Me: Shut up! Will you?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is this Gandhigiri?

August 16, 2007 Shiv Sena decided to protest against the proposed SEZ and the land acquisition by Reliance. The previous night they started their preparation decorating every corner and lane by red flags, mind you this was still August 15.

Led by Manohar Joshi the former chief minister of Maharashtra they demonstrated their protest on the D day in true "Gandhian Style". They followed the Gandhian principle of not raising their hand but only that. This is 2007 they had done improvisation to the Gandhian Style- they hurled stones, used bamboos and whatever material at their disposal.

They went a step further than the non-corporation . They broke all the glasses of NMMT buses. They vandalised the shops hit the innocent and robbed the elders. Private vehicles windshield were broken because they pay road tax to the government, elders were robbed because they take pension from the government. The former abetting a crime and later took the piece of their booty.

They believed actions speak louder than words and their lewd actions did just that. Protesters jerking their hands near their groin region was their response to a group of girls taking a video of their protest on their cellphone from their flat.

And you couldn't blame them with half a bottle of whisky down their throat everyone gets a little tipsy. "Whisky during protest?", that's not Gandhigiri you say! But you couldn't really blame that they were fighting for a cause and isn't that a reason to celebrate!!! And what could be a better time to celebrate when you see your revolution is bringing the result!

A Konkan Bhavan and CIDCO office vandalised, buses broken. People fainted due to stone pelting, highways blocked windscreen dashed a police jeep burnt and people robbed. Every revolution needs money and blood and this time the innocent provided that.

Surprisingly enough, reliance industries were left untouched after all they are paying them 10 lakh and a job.

And if you think this isn't Gandhigiri sew your lips Shiv Sena thinks so. What a novel way to celebrate sixty years of independence!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The price of our freedom - 1

Sixty years ago we won our freedom but we also lost a lot during our struggle. Let us take a moment out of our life to remember what we have lost and our struggle. I am not going to say anything, for the picture says it all. Here is an old mail from my mailbox that expresses it all..... some that was never said and some that was long forgotten.....

Nehru and Gandhi at AICC meeting, July 1946

Mountbatten arrives at Delhi airport; received by Nehru and Liaquat Ali. March 25, 1947

Aug. 15, 1947: Mountbatten swears Nehru in as Prime Minister of India

The price of our freedom - 2

Direct Action Day: Calcutta, Aug.16, 1946.

TRAIN TO PAKISTAN; India 1947. Trains packed with refugees - Hindus and Sikhs headed for India, and Muslims headed for Pakistan - were convenient targets for gangs of killers on both sides of the border. Inadequately protected 'Refugee Specials' were typically stopped, and the occupants butchered, several times in the course of the journey.

The dead - Punjab, 1947

The price of our freedom - 3

A Library being divided at the time of partition. My heart trembles to see this sight and it is tough to imagine the state of the nation at the moment when people needed to hold hands.

Ghandhiji Addressing people

1948: The news of Gandhi's assassination hits the streets. A stunned crowd gathers in Calcutta.

1948: Crowds in New Delhi wait for a glimpse of Gandhi's funeral procession.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Friends -thx for being with me


Mahi in playful mood with little bro

Torque - the silent assassin

If there has to be photographs on my blog the first must be yours my friends. I remember when Lucy first came to my house in September 99, she was lean and thin and was on a hunger strike but she was happy. She ate for the first time in 3 days the moment she came to our room. She found a home and my family became complete.

Drooping ears, thin legs, innocent brown eyes but she was comfortable at once. May be it was the magic of "Maa's anchal". No more than a new born baby, she was a baby born on 22nd May 1999.

She was intelligent and understanding. I cared her like my own baby. She grew up in no time. Soon she was a mother of 9 pups on 18th December 2003.

If I start telling you about their growing up years it will take years to complete it. Anywayz, this time I am not writing it for you, So if you don't like it FUCK OFF!!!

I still remember growing up with Lucy. She was a true time pass. I slept with her, played with her, ran with her, and yes studied with her. She was there when I used to have my night studies for my 10th. Whenever I got bored, she got a kick for sleeping, while I swotted. She was there for my 2:00 am refreshment exercise. She was there when I used her as my pillow in my green lawn. A perfect play dog when we needed one.

But then times changed..... An intelligent dog was required and she fitted the bill perfectly. She was there to take care of dad. She was there, so that I could leave dad and fulfill my obligation. She was there with dad all 13 days, every minute after my grandpa's death.( except when Mom or I asked her to take her meals.)

And I am proud when Dad gave her a higher priority than my religion or relatives.She deserves that....

Time changed for worse... a terror squad was needed... to keep my relatives at bay. I trained Mahi and Torque for the same... ( u know I don't give any quarters!!! unlike my saint parents!) My boundary wall was raised to 8 feet, 6 feet fencing was done to allow my assassins to roam freely. And often I had to double up as a morgue keeper for the unfortunate stray that creeps in the terrorists realm. Adult stray dogs split into two halves joined only by their backbone is a common sight!!!

Mahi is very energetic and is always there to light up your life provided she grants you your life first.Dominating and demanding and very intelligent and bubbly. Torque on the other hand is a silent assassin. Highly unpredictable - probably an influence of its name suggester!!! He adores me, strangely!!! Dies to be with me, again very strange! And yeah he has also talked to Nadira*. And their conversation is the world's best kept secret!

And Lucy, she is a darling... listens to all my heart-ache. Always understands me and never ever offers me an advise. She probably told them to mom too, otherwise there is little chance that mom could have guessed about Nadira*. She is a perfect excuse for me to get some private conversation on phone. Thanks to her long walk!

And yeah, don't you wake me up again in the morning you stupid dogs.Thanks for just being with me through thick and thin. Thanks for everything. There are no words to express my gratitude to you all. Thanks for being a MAN'S BEST FRIEND. World would have been so much incomplete without Dogs

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sharp Shooter

"It's hard to fight impulsive desires
whatever it wants it will take
at the cost of soul"

Once at a friend's party I got drunk. ("Now, when do I don't get drunk?",You ask.) For heaven sake, can you stop being cynical and hear me out!!! I staggered myself to "Samra", dragged him to kitchen and asked :

"Dude, how many times do we have to shoot our Ego in love?"

He smiled, one of his trademark smile, the one that he gives when he knows that you are out. A very impish smile and said, "MANY TIMES".

Looking back, I have shot my ego a million times over... A zillion times and each time I do that, I hate myself for doing it... but, I admire her too...

  • For making me do that

  • For her gut, to openly claim that she did that. Not many people have the guts to come out and say, "BOSS, Maine tumhe chutiya banaya. Tu awal darje ka bhosad pappu hai jo mujhse chutiya ban gaya"
    Well, she didn't exactly say that but that's a guy's way of putting it. A gal on the other hand puts it more subtly. Like the way she did: "Whenever I want something or get something , I sit and write the dumbest words I can write and my job gets done.."
    Intresting isn't? Either way I like that quality. I can take it all and take some more but I can't stand a lie.

  • She can still make me shoot my ego. Mass slaughter its siblings and still make me bahave like normal.

It's difficult to be angry on her. It's not only difficult but it's impossible. It's all my fault. So why blame her? Tell me, when you make a deal and you later realise that the salesman sold you an item which you really don't want. Whose fault it is? Yours or of the salesman. It yours and absolutely yours! The salesman needs to be appreciated.

And don't you worry about my ego. I have give it to "Anna" - "our college tapri man". He uses it as a filter to make "filter coffee". And he says my ego works better than his "filter". May be BMC can use it for garbage seggregation!!!

PS: This post is heavily edited

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The longest nine hours

" His father told him that story: his father looked at him through a glass: he had a hairy face.

He was baby Tuckoo.The Moocow came down the road where Betty Bayne lived: She sold lemon platt.
O' the wild blossoms
On the little green place

He sang that song. That was his song.
O, the green wothe botheth...

Tralala lala,
Tralala Tralaladdy,
Tralala lala,
Tralala lala.

- James Joyace
( Potrait of an artist as a young man)

But, all was not well in his life. And his life was certainly not a song . This was 21st century- where the world had become closer but people who lived here had become alien. He had made a mistake. He was in love . It was his fault. He was oblivious to his mistake. He had maintained his fault. This was his double fault.

He was honest, at least to her. He boarded the bus.He wanted to return her photographs...

Her voice kept ringing in his head. "I don't think I want to see you at all.... I can't see you.. I have lectures... I can't come.."

He made a promise,"I'll wait for you !!! 10:00 am at the station." And he would have to wait. It was his promise. He intended to keep it!

Three and a half hour long journey was longer than expected. He was 30 minutes late. He was there at 10:32. "She must have gone! "No she would wait am reply came from his heart."

This was 21st century but who would have explained to this fellow. He looked around, the station was bustling with activities. People, rickshaws, chaos.... all was there - omnipresent. All but her.

"People and people everywhere,
but not a soul in sight"

He waited and waited... The weather was sunny, his bag was heavy... he looked at his watch .... only three minutes had passed. He looked at the sun , it was unforgiving... He smiled and beared the scorching sun.

He waited... the sun waited with him.... but "time" didn't wait.... 12:00... 1:00.... 2:00.... 3:00 pm. he shifted restlessly.

Only an hour or two to go before her college was over... She would then come surely...

5:00pm. The sun had shown mercy, even it was tired but the "Hope Fairy" said she would come soon....And he waited... "hoping against hope"

Another hour passed the sun was going to set..... it mocked and said "Good Bye dear, you wait... she will come... "

Out came the stars slowly, It was over seven.... The moon said in its mournful light. You ought to go now....

He boarded the bus. His three and a half hour return journey began.... As his bus passed her college. A faint smile spread at the corner of his lips..."This is indeed 21st century."

Hey, what are you thinking? This is 21stcentury. "Love" and "Dinosaur" are extinct now. It's all a figment of imagination!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sleepless Nights: My worst nightmare

I am completely sloshed as I write this post ( i.e when I chose to write it on a piece of paper)but don't you worry I am not as thunk as drunk I am. I thought a hundred times before I chose to write this post (well actually It will be a series of three posts) but may be due to influence of alcohol I decided to go ahead. May be Nadira* won't like it but at least, I will have a reason, as what made her upset.( If at all she bothers to read the series...)

Anyways, let me tell you a fact, I am kind of freak, insane, mentally unstable psycho guy.(If you don't believe me ask Nadira, she may add some more distinctions to my character!!!) And believe me when I say, you cannot scare me, especially with pain or threat to life etc. I have done things that you would recommend me a solitary confinement but let's save that for the later.

Now, Where was I? Yes, I remember but It doesn't mean I am never scared. There is one thing that still sends a cold shiver down my spine. A kind of chill that you could only experience when you have a nightmare like mine or somebody points a loaded revolver on your temple for the "first" time.( Afterwards you kind of get used to it.)

When I was doing my +2, I had to stay all alone for a period of about a month. No friends, for they had all gone home for holidays, no contacts.... And I had a dream, my nightmare... my worst...

I saw... I went to see a network of tunnels and caves 8in a mountain. Fortunately, for me I was not the lone visitor .there were also28 little kids accompanied by their teachers. It was a bright sunny day.. a perfect day for a picnic but as soon as we all entered the cave it collapsed and entrance was blocked.

Now, the only option left for me was to move downward and look for another exit. I took the lead and asked the kids to follow me . So, i descended downwards, the earth was shaking, and all the dust and pebbles below my feet were moving downwards. It was difficult to keep my balance..... I lied in a natural rock cut shelter, and observed the rate at which the earth moved downwards.

After a while, I continued my descent, aware of the speed of relative objects moving, beneath my feet.. with the kids following me at some distant. Suddenly a rock and some rubble fell from nowhere.The rock grazed past my hands, the torch fell from my hand and swung around looking was a reflex action. the rubble had closed the passage. I looked downward, and it was closed.

I was trapped, in a 18 * 5 feet cell. All I could see was some green bushes at some distance through a hole of 6 inch in diameter, which had been formed due to caving in of the earth.

I said "oh God" and my eyes opened. I was sweating profusely, so much that my whole T shirt was wet.. I was shivering, I had goose bumps...and worst of all I remembered the face of every child and amazingly not of any teachers. what was worse was that I believed that all kids were real. I was never for the entire episode afraid for my life... but I had this guilt of not being able to do anything for the kids.

It was around 3:00 am, I went downstairs and did 171 sit-ups on the double bar
(270 degree of movement) all non-stop. My stomach ached, it was difficult to breathe, my head was reeling but I had managed to tire myself out. Completely exhausted, i slept.

I woke the next day, did my regular job, the day was fine but night came... and I was perspiring...again. At about 11:00 I called up home, mom consoled me, but peace was still evading...

I tried to read a book, but those faces came back... it was haunting, I needed a shoulder, a shoulder to cry... there was none.

The only person that was still available in Pune, I knew was "Miss Nadira" and we were not on talking terms. I was all alone. .. Alone and horrified. Horrified and petrified.. Petrified and alone. Alone and shaken..... Shaken and broken... Broken and haunted. Haunted by those faces....Haunted by failure. Failure to protect them... Failure to save the kids... Failure of not being able to stand. Failed and ashamed. Ashamed of being small. Small and insignificant. Insignificant and alone. Alone and the sole survivor. Survivor but a loser. A loser and alone. Alone and uncared... Uncared and alone. Alone... Alone and alone. Alone and lonely. Lonely and alone.

I cried and sobbed. Sobbed and wailed.Wailed and cried. Cried and cried...but my cries were muffled between the four walls of my flat. I thought why wasn't I dead and kids alive. Each face came to my memory... all so innocent, so pure and I could do nothing to save them . Why was this happening? It was a dream but who was there to reason me out?

Out came the newspapers, "Times of India", "The Indian Express", "The Hindu", "The Herald" ..... no such news, no such incident..... I was perspiring.....( Being alone made me read a lot of newspapers.)

I searched Google, no results yet. AOL, yahoo, Bigfoot, Metacrawler... No such happenings.

Why did I see only kids? Why only 28 kids? Why only such school uniforms? I have no answers... Why not a bus accident? Why only a landslide? I don't know. What I saw was real . It is real . It is more than a dream..... It is something beyond my comprehension....

About 5 years have passed since then but still I have hairs standing on end as I recall my nightmare...Can somebody explain me my dream.. I just want those kids to survive. And if this is a premonition then I won't let it happen. Come what may!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Between Friends

There are few statements that leave you completely stumped, at other times you want to shoot eith3er yourself or the sayer. Here are some of those:

1. I: "yaar, mere ko 3 assignment, 2 files, 4 test paper aur 9 experiment likhne hai"
Sam: "ghabra mat yaar, mer pass (CD)writer hai na!!!"

2. VP(Copying Hulk):"Now you are making me angry. You won't like me when I am angry."
Sandy:"I don't like you anyways!!!"

3. Him: "yaar, abhi rainbow nikla hoga! Jab mein Gujrat mein tha to maine kai bar rainbow dekha tha.Mumbai mein ek bar bhi nahin dekha!"
Sidbha: "haan , woh (rainbow) shift ho gaya na!"

4. BSL: "yaar apna pehle weight bhadha, jab mein Pulsar seekh raha tha to mujhse bhi bike control nahin hoti thi. Main do baar gira, fir aadat ho gayi"
Him: " Sahi hai, ab girne ki aadat ho gayi hai!!!"

5. At 3:00 am, Somebody said: "Look at DD, he does everything according to his routine."
Just then his alarm started ringing .
I: "ya, it's his time to wake up and pee!!!"

6. Somebody asked, "what are you going to do with your first salary?"
Him: "will buy a new mobile"
I: "Will buy a washing machine!"
BSL: "So, what Sidbha does with his salary?"
Aj: "Aishwarya(bar) .... daru...IB...quarter"
I: "Nahin, iske salary se iske dost girlfriend patate hai woh bhi iski!!!"

7. My biology teacher: "The heart makes a "Lupp" and "Dupp" sound due to closing and opening of its valves at every Systole and Distole. It's not "Dhak Dhak" as popularly believed."
I: Mam, then the song should be " Main jo sochoon teri baat jiyera lupp-dup lupp-dup bole"
Mam:"yes you make such songs! Get out of the class!"

8. After being completely sloshed Sidbha, Aj, and Iwere sitting on a pavement near our flat arround 2:00-3:30 am.The watchman of the underconstruction tower building Starts hooting whistle from the other side of the road.
On every 1st whistle- Sidbha : Bhen****!
On every 2nd whistle- Aj : Madar*&@*!
On every 3rd whistle- I : Sala, Bhen*@$# ! Gay kahin ka! line mar raha hai sala!
citi marta hai! ghar mein bhai baap nahin hai kya?!!!

9. I: "Monu what happened? so many scratches on your face? and your eye looks a
little swollen?
Monu: "nothing!"
I: " Ok, I'll ask M*!" ( his gf)
Monu: "I'll tell you"
Here is what he told me!!
In the local zoo four filthy guyswere looking at M*
M* : "look at the way those guys are staring at me!"
Monu: "what can I do?" ( not that he can't do)
M* ( angrily): "yes what can you do? Even if they rape me, you won't do anything!
you'll sit and watch!!!"
Monu ( all charged up): "Tum kya mujhe Namard samajhti ho?"
M*( thinkin that she has overeacted sweetly says : " what can you do? They are four. ( Monu at that time was perhaps good enough for eight.)
Monu : Main boloonga, " Bhai sahab mere ko bhi ek chance plz!!!"
The rest is all understood!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

This is APJ

A lot has already been sad about the president and the presidential election. A.P.J Abdul Kalam has been severely criticized both for his work during his tenure and over his desire to continue for the second term, but is this all fair???

Well, it is democracy and everybody is entitled to have their own opinion, but burning effigies of the president and that two by two chief ministers is a bit going overboard. Isn't it?. He seems to have fallen out with both the UPA and the NDA, the only people supporting him is the Left front, which opposes anything for the sake of opposing!!! Ironically it was the same Left that had opposed his candidature the last time.

That's Indian politics and it is for the same reason APJ withdrew from contest. Still, the Media, the politicians even the blogger are not sparing him. So, here am I, yours truly, to his defence!!! Alright I heard that, "The last person that APJ needs for his defence is you". Fine by me, but remember I said its "Democracy"!!!

That's Indian politics and it is for the same reason APJ withdrew from contest. Still, the Media, the politicians even the bloggers are not sparing him. So, here am I, yours truly, to his defence!!! Alright I heard that, "The last person that APJ needs for his defence is you". Fine by me, but remember I said its "Democracy"!!!

Yesterday, I read an article by Vir Sangvi in HT, and true to his style he made Kalam a puppet president from People's president and the transition was so slow and subtle that u don't realise it and you start believing him.That's why he is among India's best.

Anyway, people say he had been a puppet prez and his performance is below par.. So if that's true can anyone just tell me, if he is really a puppet prez than why is congress not seeking its second term, After all a puppet person will bow to every whims and fantasy of 10 Janpath just' like Mr. Prime minister. And let me remind you the office of Profit Bill which everyone is talkin' about, is the FIRST BILL EVER TO HAVE BEEN RETURNED BY ANY PREZ.( gyan: courtsey HT )It was passed again with no changes and the maximum a prez could do was delay it. Why delay the inevitable?

I think he fell out of favour because having APJ as prez no longer fit into the UPA as well as NDA scheme. NDA had no Gujarat to cover up and UPA is no longer in opposition, so...So. So. So.....

The next thing I want to tell you, that he is that he is very much the people's prez.. and an ace manager with great administrating skills. Remember he was the chief scientific advisor and the way he kept Pokhran II a secret.

Now, I'll tell you a true incident, the first time Prez decided to visit Patna, Rabri government was in power. And true to their style they made roads as smooth as cheeks of "Hema Malini" and that to in jiffy, but there was one little problem the stretch was only from Airport to the Governor House, but served the purpose for it was all that was there in prez visit plan.

However our prez didn't bite the bait, he was too smart for them. At the last minute he would desire to see a place and you can't refuse a prez. can you? And Rabri government had no explanation for the anarchy as well as sharp contrast in the infrastructure. Unfortunately their ordeal was not going to be over yet. Our missile and few missiles left in his attack...

He happened to carry a list of complaints received from administrative sections and not to mention the failed and plagued government machinery. He personally visited them, listened to the problems, asked for explanations and gave them solutions.

This is APJ Abdul Kalam the people's president and I salute him. Got any problems?

Friday, June 22, 2007

What's going on?

This post is not a rip off from the track of "Salam Namaste". It is actually a comment on the Idiosyncrasies of Indians.

Yesterday, I was watching TV thanks to the TV tuner card borrowed from Varun, and everywhere on the news channel flashed only one name actually two but I will come to that later. "Sunita"! "Sunita"!! "Sunita"!!!

" Who the hell is this Sunita ?", I thought. "Must be some new actress in some Ekta Kapoor Serials"! After watching the whole news I realized it isn't the "Sunita" of Ekta Kapoor, it's even worse, it being, She is "Sunita Williams"!!! Never for a moment I realized that they were talking about the "Sunita Williams"!!!

Now, let me be very clear, I have nothing against her and why should I? She has done a commendable job, I wish her a safe entry and many more success to come. She is the type of daughter that every mother would have! but that's it!!! Let it be the end, Why make her a demigod ? Why? She is given a treatment that even Neil Armstrong would crave for?
And that exactly is my problem, we are obsessed with people of Indian Origin? We go Ga-Ga over their success and make them demigod and what do they do in return? They spit on our face?

"V.S Naipaul" oh he is such a great writer! he is fabulous! bull- shit at my prime I could write better than him! and that's not bragging it's just being modest. Anyway how does he react to our appreciation. To quote him, " 30 years ago Indians were just not literate enough to appreciate my writing". Fucker what's there to appreciate in your books!!! And 30 years ago, was the time of our father and mother and believe me when I say, our parents have a better grip over literature than you and I will ever have. For the simple reason that society then was more Arts dominated they had the time to study, cherish and relish literature while we don't !!! Our knowledge of English literature begins with Shakespeare and ends with Dan brown. Hindi does anybody know beyond "Premchand"???

Yes, you say you know but how much, so much that Oscar Wilde becomes "wildee", "Guy DE Maupassant" is "Maupassant" (and not "Maupassa" ! ( Sarcasm here! It is called "maupassa" Wish I could use phonetic symbols here )Anyway for those who think I am still overestimating my writing skills then tell you a fact if Naipaul can think Twain, Joyce ( James), Wilde and Dickens were a piece of trash then even I can think he is not even worth a "fucking horse shit" ( freedom of speech and expression!!!)
And, that is just one example, I can go on citing many; but the post will become too long (as if it weren't!). The point is that we have enough talent in our country and instead of wasting your money in wishing Sunita who in all probability won't even read your sms you could help a child to nurture his talent.

Look, what Kalpana Chawala did! At first I thought she was brought up here, studied here, but when it came to serve she went to USA. And I was wrong, she went because she wouldn't have got the opportunities here and every year she took full responsibility of a Girl Child's education.May be a meagre amount of her earnings but nevertheless she did that.

I respect Sunita and Chawala for their accomplishments, but I am not overawed by them. I pray for Sunita safe return, but I also pray for the safety of her team members. And Never ever am I going to do a "Yagya" for her. She is not the only member of the team nor she is the most important. She being of the Indian origin does not change her position in the space nor does it reduce her risk. The space doesn't even care about her origin better we start doing the same.

Respect her for her individuality, appreciate her for her work not for her origin.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Smoking is bliss- Say no to world no tobacco day

"kaun kehta hai,
ki cigarette sine ko jalati hai...
ye to kambakht....
sine ki aag hai jo is cigarette ko sulgati hai.."

Well, this post couldn't have come at a better time (today being the world no tobacco day). A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to visit the "Tata cancer research hospital" and there I saw a lot of horrifying things. To be honest, a visit to a hospital always gives me an " eaky" feeling. I feel more dead than alive. I just can't stand the smell, the atmosphere and everything that goes around there. ( Wonder, how I agreed when my love took me to show her medical college!) I believe that I will suffocate to death in that environment. It makes me more sick than I really am. Lucky I have never been admitted or rather haven't allowed to be admitted. But this visit in particular was even more creepy....

I was made aware ( much to my dislike ) of the various procedure in the cancer treatment. The blood irradiation by cobalt 61, the treatment by chemotherapy, the gamma and X-ray treatment procedure, those masks and frames used to immobilise the patient etc. Those gigantic machine were truly a wonder in instrumentation engineering, but those frame appeared to have come straight out of some medieval castle dungeon. The technology was truly fascinating, and "the gyan" made me think for a moment to quit smoking. Mind you it was only for a moment. But soon the wisdom dawned on me, " of what use were of these machines ( worth crores) if there was no lung cancer patients! What will the doctors do? What about their job and what about there livelihood!!!" So the moment I was out of the premises I had my faithful cigarette to my lips!

Anyway, the point is why is the world so mad against cigarettes... Tell me, how can something happily burns itself down, just clinging to your lips taking its last breath fore your five minutes be bad???Just how could it be? Sure my right chest pains occasionally, but the pain on on the left hand side, in my heart,is unbearable!!! So should I stop loving someone? Does that make "love" bad? For those who are not satisfied here are some advantages of smoking .... and the list is not exhaustive.
  • It brings revenue to the country, ( one of the highest taxes are levied on Cigarettes) so it helps in building the nation.
  • It leads to male impotency so it is an effective measure of population control.
  • "Smoking kills you slowly", So what? who is in hurry? . See If I start smoking at the age of 20 in all probability I will develop complications in mid 30s ...and continue living up till late 40s to 60. So In fact I have lived all my productive years of my life and have contributed to society while I can. Now living further would mean, being a burden on the already depleted natural resources, hence we are actually doing a service to mankind!
  • We are saving the environment, we are making the planet green. Now just take into account the amount of oxygen that a tobacco plant produces in a lifetime and compare that with the amount of toxic waste that cigarette from the same plant produces... it is way too less, not to mention that on the death of plant the same waste would be released to the environment.
  • Generally, people who smoke needs a kind of reassurance, so my beloved cigarette provides that. Hence no need to be dependent on somebody.
  • It builds self- confidence, keeps your morale high.
  • It helps you stretch to the extreme, So you can work nights.
  • It is a great stress buster like sex, with several distinct advantage, it is always available, is cheap, and no need to stick to the same brand.
  • It has its own charisma.
  • Smokers, often are much better observers, this is due to the fact that they often look for some discreet corner to have a fag, trying to hide from parents, looking out for suitable makeshift ash-tray or simply looking out for no smoking signs. Hence they make alert citizen- a prevention mechanism for terrorist attack.
  • It is easy to make friends once you start smoking, you are no longer a social outcast. A lot can happen over cigarette.

In short Smoking is bliss ....... "Gudang Garam International" here I come!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy International women's day!

I was flipping through "me" issue 18/Feb/07 a weekly/biweekly magazine by DNA. Suddenly, my eyes caught an article describing the plight of "Afghanistan women" during and post Taliban era on page 37. (I am mentioning the page no. as to make it clear that the article was on the right hand side page of the magazine.)

As I read through the heavily worded a article which used words like “self-immolation”, “gifts” and “rape” with reference to women and “misogynists” with “Afghanistan”.( I have yet to find out what the word means!) ,. My eyes rolled over to the left of the page…

It showed model Saberi Dasgupta, wearing a yellow coloured mini-skirt, ( if you asked me it looked as if she has wrapped a pillow towel around her) and a belt which was one- third to one fourth of the breadth of towel, oh sorry, skirt, with her bare hands covering or rather trying to cover her bare breasts. (Or was she just massaging it!). Her hair do appeared as if someone had just given her an electric shock, or may be she hadn’t seen a comb for ages or may be both. That’s how Ms. Saberi Dasgupta presents “her version of gold with stunning stone studded belt over a stretch mini skirt and a gold bare body!” Am I, being cynical? You can decide for yourself!

Then a thought came to my mind…Isn’t the position of women in India or for that matter in world quite the same? Given the chaos that is there in Afghanistan, won’t we do the same?

“No” if you say so, then, “My dear” you need to do some serious soul searching. Aren’t women are primarily considered as “Sex Object” or slaves that do our house work. And all her qualities are of secondary importance!!!

If it isn’t so, then can somebody tell me why do we accept videos of short, stout and may I add ugly man like “Adnnan Sami”going around with “sensuous women” but not there is not a single video (as far as I can remember) which depicts say “Johnny Depp” or “John Abraham” paired opposite “Guddi Maruti”, why does they always have to be cast “Kiera Knightly” and “Bipasha Basu” respectively. Why do we always hear that some hot diva tying knot to a multimillionaire who is old enough to be her father but not the opposite?

Why do we always primarily look for women who can cook, is beautiful when we go for a match? Why do we look at the guys pay check and not his receding hairline when we go for a groom? Why do even in matriarchal tribes, women are awarded (financially) to bear 12 or more children? Is women a child producing factory? Why do we still commit honour crimes? Why is it that it is always the women who is depicted as the housewife or euphemistically called home maker and man the bread owner?

Now, the point to ponder is inspire of being, a so called, modern society, the position of women has remained more or less the same over the centuries, only our hypocrisy, has grown and so the, depiction of the women ( read “inferior sex” ) has become much more subtle. The women still, and still, remains, essentially an object of “carnal desire”. Something that can be manipulated, suppressed and moulded to satisfy every whims and fantasy of the male counterpart. She is still put up to be claimed as a trophy in the male dominated chauvinistic world.

Happy International women's day! Is anyone listening?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thinking Loud

Happy Holi !!!
But tell me , did u see the lunar eclipse yesterday, the moon became red.. at around 4:40 am. It wasn't so spectacular or something but how often do you actually see a red moon?( mind you I am not talking about full moon) It was was once in a lifetime opportunity to see it and hope you did.

Because sometime what you miss in life can never be gained again! And the hard part is we realise it much later, what we have missed or lost, and regret over it, all our life. But that's is life....
That makes it so special and that makes us individual in our own right. We know what we have lost, or didn't bother to look at it just because it was there, we took it for granted, and that was a mistake - a very big one indeed. For what is lost cannot be resurrected again, and we wish if we could just go back once in time and just get one chance to show that we really care, we really do. But. BUT but.. K Sera Sera ... that's the way it goes on....

What the heck am I blabbering isn't it ??? That too on Holi? "bhang utri nahin kya?" No but I was just wondering what if "Prahalad" had died instead of "Holika" how would "Hirankashyap" the father, would have felt and not "Hirankashyap" the king? So, far we have heard the legend as "Hirankashyap" the demon king, but i would love to hear his side of the story as "Hirankashyap, the father".
What do you say???

Monday, February 19, 2007

Awesome letter

This is an awesome article that Hindustan times printed today. It is actually an anonymous letter... first published in the guardian. Thank you HT and The guardian
I reproduce the letter as it is...

A Letter to...... my wife whose lover I long to.....

W e broke up just the once. I’ve never told you why, have I? It’s because I didn’t think I could spend the rest of my life having so little sex. I quickly saw sense. There was more to life than sex. You were too good to lose. Tearful and confused, you took me back. We married.

Our wedding night was a total shock: your elaborate wedding plans didn’t include sleeping with me. You were exhausted. But it was our wedding night, I pleaded. We had the rest of our lives, you explained. Then came the honeymoon. I had naively thought that honeymoons were for lots of sex. Ours wasn’t.

We watched Annie Hall and laughed at the scene where Alvy and Annie see their therapist separately. Alvy complains that they rarely have sex: “Maybe three times a week.” Annie complains that they constantly have sex: “I’d say three times a week.” Just out of interest, can you tell me exactly how many foot strokes equal a ... ? I ask because, by now, I must have given you - at your bidding - more foot massages than most partners receive in a lifetime. Can’t you see how overdrawn your account is at The Bank of Physical Affection?

It is Saturday night. We are in bed, the kids finally asleep. You are watching the film. Will you ever understand how it feels to pale into insignificance beside a mediocre film? “But,” you say, “I’ll never get round to it otherwise.” My point precisely. Because you’re always knackered. I know you work hard for our comfortable lifestyle. But must you run the school PTA? Go to the gym so often?

So you turn out the light, say goodnight. I lie awake and tell you I ache for you. You kiss me and say we will do something about it soon.

I pick up Cosmopolitan. “Pressed for time? Have a quickie!” Our only quickies were whenever you wanted a baby. Every night around the magic date. Sounds like a schoolboy’s dream. Unfortunately, I stopped being a schoolboy about 30 years ago.

Are we only waiting for the children to grow up before we go our separate ways? I know that we will have sex again. But it saddens me to think that we’ve probably (not “definitely” - I live in hope) done all we’re ever going to do in bed. And it upsets me that we’re never going to do anything out of it.

So I ask if sex matters to you. Yes, you say. But not as much as it does to me.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Excerpt from diary

"Broken and broken
again on the sea, the moon
so easily mends.

Im gorging on icecream n
reading haiku instead of
being at college.. must b d
clement weather"
2-JUNE-2005 14:42:57

Well, I wanted to write something for the valentine day (on 14th itself) and that does not include sarcasm. Unable to write something romantic, I was left with no option but to present excerpt from diary/ diaries. I have worked for over 4 days on this post selecting the excerpt and compiling it so as to present you something that is enjoyable without infringing upon privacy.

“I love her”, yes that’s the word I have used for the first time in my life. Funny isn’t it? I am talking about “love” which I don’t know a thing about it!
“Stupidity” might be another word for it or I might be over imagining things and creating my own fantasy.

She had grown much more beautiful and had an extraordinarily beautiful smile. She laughed & her laughter was really music to ears. (Trying to poetize it or whatever it is called.) Her eyes were black and shone like a black pearl; it was indeed very lively and perhaps naughty too and complemented every word that she said in short – very expressive eyes. Her skin was shining and was slightly tanned and made her look as elegant as one can be. Her eyebrows were tweezed and were jet black as was the colour of her hair which she put as a pony tail; they were almost an inch longer than her scapula and had a wavy outlook. Hers was not so perfect nose but it made her look much more adorable especially when she smiled. ……

She suddenly looked in the sky and pointed out to the Orion constellation – her favourite. She pointed out to each star naming them “Nebusa” etc, but after the first four stars I was not interested in the stars anymore for I was looking at the moon itself, speaking to me, and asking me to look up at the stars. How could I ever have done that! I was beside a lovely face, a face of moon glowing bright under the sky illuminating the campus, heart and the soul. I kept staring at her as she continued telling me about the Orion.

She said, “Airport road” and got into the cab and sped away. Out of sight and out of “HER” mind. I watched her go and she didn’t turn back to see me. I was left all alone. I had to spend one and a half hour all alone, on road like a fool, just to be with her for 15 minutes.
After only, she had left and disappeared into the crowd did I realize that I am all, but a great fool.

This girl has me really confused, what does she want from me and what am I thinking of her? She is all over my mind and whenever I want her out of my mind , control and concentrate on other things, she just, out of the blue comes to my life and says “ Hello, how are you?” “Damn it! I hate it; she is making me look like a fool.”

Its 21 days since I spoke to Nadira* she has never thought of giving me a missed call or even SMS me, damn the SMS does she even think of me? No way it’s a crime for her to even think of me! It’s forbidden for her.
Such a non-existent fellow, she gives a damn about me and even probably, there to be bothered when she has no one to turn to.
Damn, I love her, and I may well be doomed for it. It’s terrible, what the heck, kill her for her insensitivity! Just why can’t her thoughts go to hell. “ AAh, damn it! Fuck it!” Get the hell out of her! She is giving me sleepless nights, go to hell. I am, trying to be sincere, stopped ogling at girls! All for the damn girl, for no reason. Hell?

And you know what, I really didn’t miss her much except for the fact every missed call I would get, I expected it to be hers, every number that that displayed on my screen, I wish it would be hers, every music of SMS that would ring my ears made me think… perhaps….. It was hers & obviously I expected her to mail….at least but I didn’t really miss her as much as I used to. The only time I thought of her was in train and before I went to bed, and whenever I was alone and I think I am doing good to forget her. Pretty well indeed!

She asked me too hang up for she needed 9 hours of sleep, at least... that’s what she said to me. I wished her Goodnight and "sweet Dreams". Yes, sweet dreams and she was coolly sleeping and enjoying every ounce of sleep I had!
Miss Nadira, do you ever miss me? Please, do you ever think of me? Damn, just think of me to abuse me, hate me, spite me but do think of me! Do you care for me at all? Do you really want me cry? Am I worth that?
Well, to her it may be even less!!!

Hell, I admit I felt miserable at the thought of her having a boyfriend, yes I was jealous and hurt. Yes, the fact that she might be with her boyfriend, that very thought made me feel like as if I was put on stake and a splinter has been thrust in my chest and pierced my heart, my whole soul was on fire….
And all my big talk about being liberal & broad minded disappeared. I realized for the first time that I am jealous just because he is a “guy” and a friend of “Nadira”. Perhaps the fact some “XYZ” (to me not to HER) has her attention more than me was simply not tolerable. It is something that I have never accepted & I doubt if I could ever learn to accept. I cannot tolerate somebody interfering in my time.
It is not the matter of trust but how could you just not feel jealous, miserable and a vicious lion ready to tear them apart. I mean its guys basic instinct and nothing to do with “trust” but “love” It’s just so human to do so or rather male to do so!

My whole purpose of going to Pune was defeated. Nadira didn’t meet me and I wasted a whole day just waiting and waiting to meet her. I even risked missing my train (from Mumbai to Delhi) or rather intended to risk but she didn’t turn up.
Hell, she just called me up and said she isn’t coming, due to some rain pouring at her place… what about the tears that is on the verge of pouring on my cheeks. Does it have any value?
Obviously not! It’s just some salty water which isn’t even fit for drinking! Surprisingly enough, though I am on the verge of crying now, at that time on phone my voice didn’t betray me, there was however certain amount of frustration in it and not to mention the generous topping of sarcasm but perhaps she never realized it. (Pun intended as I was standing in rain!)** And I am cool about it. No regrets.

During the last few days I went through lots of up and down regarding “Nadira” in particular. I missed her so much but as I try to fill the pages with words. I have nothing to write.
I feel hollow and at the same time I feel so filled and so calm. There is so much to say and so much to write but somehow, somewhere these expressions don’t find a word.
It’s raining outside and cool breeze is blowing over me as I write, giving me a strange cold shiver that is so soothing and all I want is to go and sit in the rain….
I think I will stop this diary business for it is not helping me whatsoever. There area lot of things that I would like to believe but reality bites. And it really and really hurts. The very fact that she is all over my mind is very unpleasant but she does not go away from my thoughts even after trying is even worse. I love her!
Goodbye my diary!!!

PS: * Names have been changed to protect identity.
** The line has been added at the request of original author.
1. The excerpt need not be from the diary of one person and need not be necessarily my own.
2. The excerpt in itself are unedited except for spelling mistakes.
3. The girls are different and the same name has been used to improve comprehensibility and continuity.

4. Dates have been rearranged and modified for the sake of continuity and on request
5. The opinion and views may or may not reflect my views.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Adieu, Anna Nicole Smith

I was shocked and surprised to hear about the death of Ms. Anna Nicole Smith and even more surprised at the amount of media coverage given to the untimely death of Ms. Smith. Wasn't her death given excessive media coverage?

Then, I realised, that Ms. Smith was no ordinary actor, she was much more than that, she was a celebrity, a star. What if she didn't even know "A" of acting, she was still a star. A star that could give any "porn star" a run for money! Who wouldn't with 38 DD-26-38 stats and bare it all attitude! though her 38 DD was a bit disproportionate ( at least to me ) but size does matter doesn't it?

And, she used her assets very well to bag "Playboy playmate of the year1993", two time "Playboy playmate" and " The uncrowned queen of centerfolds". Last but the most important in her list of achievements award - " billionaire J Howard Marshall 89" whom she won over at the age of 26 in 1994.

Her billion dollar cheque was issued a year later with the death of Mr. Marshall but it took 12 long years of legal battle to get it cleared in 2006 ( 12 long years of exile ! I am sorry Ms. Smith).

I am sorry Ms. Smith that you died so young (only 39,what a shame!) and could not live long enough to enjoy your multimillion dollars. After all you tried 12 long years for it or may be even more.

The only solace that comes to me is from media, who adequately covered the "great lady's" untimely death and gave her adequate publicity for which she had an insatiable appetite and always yearned for.

I miss you Anna, without you my nightfall would never be the same. Adieu Anna "Rest in peace" people like you.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My view about Afzal Guru

Enough has been written about Md. Afzal Guru and his trial that there is little left to write something new about it so, it is quite possible that my blog would just appear to be a paraphrase of what you people have already read.
My knowledge about Md. Afzal has mostly come from the newspapers which started following quite late in the trials.What I fail to understand is the basis of "clemency petition" of Md. Afzal. what is the ground for this clemency petition?

1) That he has a wife and a child?
Well Mr. Afzal you should have thought of it earlier.And what about the security guards, who were killed during the attack on parliament? Didn't they have a family? didn't they had a mother, a wife and a child to take care of? Did you think about them?

2) That he is innocent?
If he is really innocent, then Indian state has no business to put him behind bars and that too for 14 years.

3)That he did not face a fair trial?
Then shouldn't he appeal for a "review petition" instead of a "clemency petition"?

4)That death penalty is in itself is not justified?
Yes, that can be case and a very good one too. And I do agree that in an ideal civilized society there is no scope of death penalty. But that's where the problem lies. In an ideal civilised society there would be no crime and disputes and hence no place for judiciary, let alone a grave crime like what Md. Afzal did.
Tell me, should we allow a rabid dog to roam free or allow a tiger turned man-eater to live? Why kill them? Why take their life if you could not give one?
Because they are a threat to human life. People like Md. Afzal are a bigger threat. They are worse than the rabid dog because they have the ability to judge the difference between right and wrong.

5)That the judge pronouncing the sentence could be killed?
"Mr. Human Right" where are you? Is it not unfair and inhuman for being murdered for calling a spade, a spade.

6)That his killing would cause huge acts of voilence across J&K and country?
So, a sovereign state like India should buckle under pressure from a terrorist and make a mockery of its Judiciary and in the process invite more attacks on parliament? What are you suggesting my learned noble sympathisers?
And, as for the most notable sympathiser Mr. Geelani didn't you find any lawyer in the country that you had to hire Md. Afzal defence attorney. And, my request to the defence attorney, now that you are campaigning for clemency, please and please, don't be so ridiculously shameless to say that you are a professional and therefore went to Mr. Geelani and left Md. Afzal to his gallows; think of a better excuse or else stop campaigning for him.

Please, my fellow citizens of India, wake up and stand for justice. Stop making a political issue of Md. Afzal, keep people like "Rahul Mahajan" and "Mr. Geelani " away from the issue.

If Md. Afzal is guilty do not spare him, and if at all he has been framed (which should be clear in case of review petition) don't make him suffer.


  • blogger takes at the face value the judgement of the supreme court.
  • blogger is a final year student in engineering and not a Lawyer.
  • blogger is of the opinion that the case should be reviewed so no one can point a finger to our judiciary

Sunday, January 28, 2007

27th Jan the day after republic day

Come January 26th and the whole country is riding on the waves of patriotism. And why not? Aren't we patriotic? Every corner, every crossroad, every shop, and every car sports the TRICOLOUR- THE SYMBOL OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY. The spirit of a True Indian.

And what on 27 th? Gone is the republic day and gone with it is our patriotism, and like True Indian we unceremoniously dump the national flag to the dustbin that is if we are a responsible citizen, or in most of the cases it is thrown on the road, in the gutter, or left to be trampled upon by the lucky patriots. In keeping with true spirit of the Indian Culture we do not even hesitate to tear it after all its just the tricolour. The lucky few flags that are left untouched by the "True Indian" hang midway down the pole mourning the rape of the "symbol of free India".

I request to all the people of India is please do not show our patriotism in a single day, keep it also for the remaining 364 days. Our national flag deserves a much better treatment than needs to be respected all the year round, every day and every moment. If we don't respect it who will ? Please don't buy tricolour if you cannot handle it.