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Friday, May 04, 2012


You don't earn it
You can't win it
You ought to build it
Bit by bit
Block by block
And you did it

I could see it 
I could feel it
Thought it was strong
To weather all storm
Yet I knew it
When you did it
You build it 
to break it

Bared my soul 
in your eyes
In your arms
I felt alive

So much to say
yet words are few
And I keep rehearsing 
all the night
of the times gone by
When I could see you

Yet I knew it
It was never mine
So why I feel pain
And cry at night
Like I lost something
which was always mine

Why am I lost
Why am I hurt
I did no wrong
I lost nothing
Why did I try
to help it survive
And prayed to die
When you break it

It was yours
when you build it
I could see it
and told you about it
Before you could begin it
Coz in the end
We all build it
To break it