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Monday, March 24, 2008


I visited this site to know about my death... and it's hell lot of fun.

Ashish: At age 26 you will realize that you actually died three years earlier, and have been dreaming all the events since then.

Boy that means I this is is the last year of my life... Now taking Poonam's advice I try to be optimist and let's look at the brighter side...
  • I can now smoke without worrying about it's ill effect on my health
  • I can now have have sex without protection, who cares about HIV

  • I can also indulge in high risk behaviour... Awesome threesome I come.

  • I can afford to booze all my life( which isn't much)

  • I don't have to care about your fucking comment.

  • I can now hope to get attention of those hot babes.

  • I can now plan to be a multimillionaire as I am ready to fall in well dug in and around Delhi

  • That will me give me a long waited and much cherished instant fame and stardom.

  • I will no longer need to please anyone all I need to is please myself

  • No more statements like "I don't think I want to see you at all." You don't hurt someone who is dying. Do you?

  • If I become a ghost I'll surely fuck those Profs of mine who made my life a hell

  • I won't know if my love has got another guy.

  • May be she'll cry when I die. Can you imagine she just might feel for me!!! Ain't it cool?

  • I'll be with Lucy... my baby

However, the pessimist inside me says, " Bullshit!!! Alas, it's a wishful thinking!!!"

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A few hours spent at Kolkata 1

Before I begin this post one thing I want to make it absolutely clear and that is This is not a travel post!!!

I had this opportunity to spend about five to six hours in Kolkata while waiting for my connecting train to and from Hyderabad. So, in all I spent about 12 hours over a period of two days. Hence, at best, this can be description of what little I saw of the city, and certainly not the entire Kolkata.

The first thing that you notice while you enter the Howrah is the Howrah Junction itself. Now why would I mention this especially after seeing VT (Mumbai). No doubt VT is much older, cleaner, and more beautiful than Howrah anytime but that's it.

Howrah actually beats VT outright due to various reason. Firstly, Howrah Junction is itself very beautiful; somewhat, resembles to the chinese castle in "Age of empire". Secondly, It is adjacent to Howrah Bridge, now called Rabindra Setu which is extremely beautiful. Thirdly it overlooks Hoogli and that adds to its beauty even more. Fourthly, The view from the the First class waiting room is exquisite with its large terrace looking over the bridge and the river. And Fifthly, because of its design to allow cars to enter, right next to every platform.

Now according to me, Travelling means to visit and experience something which is very intrinsic to the city culture and way of living.Remember being cheated is also an experience. So Dear gals if you are expecting a list of shopping centres; you'll be disappointed. Now, since I had pretty less time mind you, I need to freshen up too!!! I made a mental list of things that one must do to make his visit to Kolkata count and here is the one.
  • To visit the by lanes of Kolkata and see its culture and way of living.

  • Travel in tram which can be done in Kolkata (So Dear, Switzerland you'll have to wait!!!)

  • Taste its famous Mishti (Sweets) for which the City is famous.

  • A walk down the famous Howrah Bridge.

  • Taste its famous "fuchka" or "Pani Puri".

  • A ferry ride across Hoogli.

  • Ride the famous and unique hand pulled Rickshaw.

  • Travel in Metro (Even though Delhi has one)

  • If get a chance ogle at some "khoob bhalo Bongali Beauty"

The best part about my journey was that Dad was there to accompany me. Now that was fun, since this is the only trip I can recall, in all my life; that had two of us alone. At the age of 22 it may sound odd, moreover I never expected it to happen at this time and age, but like I said I give a damn about your opinion.

As I was with my Dad, I hope it is clear by now that by lanes does not mean "Sona Gachi".

Anyways, the first thing that you notice about Kolkata is the leisurely pace at which this metro moves in. It doesn't have any air of the metropolis it is portrayed as; and is damn cheap. Kolkata is a city where you come to observe, that it is happy to preserve its culture and traditions, and not to mention those old depleted bungalows amidst the "New malls" that are coming up. If you ask me, I sometime wonder, if the photographs of two different centuries are superimposed on one another; for a Mall looks quite odd among a shanties of shops selling tea in a "Kulhad" (earthen pots.)

Now Kolkata is not a clean city, in fact it is dirty, and very dirty however. it doesn't stink like Mumbai. In fact as soon as you leave the road and walk on the pavement/corridors of the of the porches of the big Bungalows, which overlook MG Road, and now house several of the shops which sell Sarees, sweets and other things a sweet aroma of incence greets you. Something similar to the smell that comes around; the incence during the "Durga pooja". Near the pillars, of which a dull white plaster is coming off due to lack of maintainece of the bunglows; still support the corridor arches, you will more often than not will you find a small road side tea stall selling hot tea in "kullhad" or earthen Pots. Beside it runs an open concrete drain which is 4 inch deep and about 18 inch wide is liberally filled with broken earthen pots. Occasionally you see a tap about three feet above the ground which is always running and scores of children bathing mother naked and enjoying the cool water as if there is no tomorrow. At one of the corner you are bound to find a "Pan Shop" ( A beetle shop) and beside it you will find a lottery counter or a "Pani Puri wala". Sounds of salesman claiming to have best of the Sarees will always greet you once every three step.

More of it later...