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Monday, January 25, 2010

I Miss Home!!!

It's 08:32hrs I haven't slept even a bit. I was working on my report. It's already past the deadline and the report is nowhere near completion. You see that's the problem with 100% original work.

Can you believe it I am reading the annual report of the company for the first time!!! Yes I am reading and trying to make a sense out of it and heck it is in PDF format with all types of lock, can't even copy the revenue tables.

See, even I can work!!! And inspite of all this I am still gonna be screwed. Ok, let's try the Poonam way - the eternal optimist way- to get over my frustration. Yeah, I see the point... I AM NOT GONNA DIE VIRGIN!!!

Heck... My line of thinking is much better!!! Never try to swot your ass on anything!!! That ways you won't have the guilt of trying your best and then screwing yourself!!

Yeah ... I know ... I am too negative.. so what even the electrons are NEGATIVE... You see it's because of Negativity that we have light!!! Oh my God I am seeing positive in negative things... I am going the Poonam's way!!!

So what does that make me ? An optimist? A pessimist? Bloody Hell !!! It just makes me a nonsensical fool! A Moron!! Yeah, that's what you thought too!!! Why the heck you didn't tell me earlier? Try as hard as I might, it is still impossible to shoot someone dead... online! So what were you afraid of?

And by the way didn't our Great Greek Grandpa Socrates told that A fool who knows that he is a fool is wise ... or something on those lines... So according to him, I am wise...heck the world is so full of contradiction...

Let's not waste time, I am talking about my time as you are already wasting your time reading this crap.

I was yawning when I suddenly remember my DAD'S sense of humour..

A few years (MAKE IT MORE THAN FEW) back, there was a talk of my maternal uncle getting married (My mom's younger brother!) and Dad being dad was making fun of him and the more Mom tried to digress the comment the more sarcastic and blunt he came remarks.

And then finally he remarked, "Your brother is an IDIOT, he will Never Ever Get married!"

That was then mom lost her cool! since he was nagging for quite some time. She shot back, and what are you?

He ignored her and said that my mom's entire family is an idiot. Mom was furious, she rushed to him from the kitchen, holding a frying pan in her hand?

Mom: "How dare you say that? You are the biggest idiot on earth"

Dad: "Why shouldn't I say that? Is there anyone in your family who has got a better wife than mine. Is there anyone in your family who will get a more beautiful wife than mine. When they will get it, you come to me and argue? "

Mom blushed as there were several others present in the hall. Dad on the other hand continued, " There were only two people in your family who had something in them.... The first one was taken by God, ( referring to my Grandpa) and the second one I brought her home. So my dear wife why don't you get me some tea."

Mom retorted back, "I won't !!!"

Some five minutes later my Dad was sipping on a hot cup of tea!

God, I wanna go home!