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Friday, October 20, 2006

keep it simple!!!

Though I must admit that I do not read blogs frequently, but some of the post that I have a read I find, the authors or the bloggers have the fascination and I might dare to say "obsession " with fancy words. And that’s where the problem lies… what they fail to understand that they are not taking GRE test. The whole point of language is to communicate ur ideas freely; if that fails ur entire work fails!!! After all u (I hope I can safely presume to say u) don’t want to sit with a dictionary to read a blog… and if u really want me to do that I think I’ll better read the editorial of “ The Hindu “ or “The Economic Times”.
The point is most of the time we unnecessarily complicate. And its true for all of us! Whether it is blog or life… why don’t we try to keep things simple??? The things the way they should be… simple and straightforward. There are enough problem in life already, do we have to still complicate it? Why the hell can’t we say “ I love you” and say words like “ I like u”, “I cant seem to get my mind of u”, or “I am attracted to u” or some stupid statements like the one I said “I am obsessed with you” and so on and gals if u r not interested be bold and say sternly but politely “ I am just not interested” why give the poor guy some false hope and illusion. See, it will save u a lot of headache later on and u are going to thank me for that!!!
This was just an example a hundred times in our day we say “no” when we should say ‘yes” and “yes” when we should say “no”. Why do we have to do this? Can’t we gather some courage and speak the truth? Why then do we wonder that how could I be pulled in such a mess?
Because and because u tried to be polite or “tried to be something which u are not” and ended up promising something which u have no intention to keep. Most of the time we have no idea that someone could be traveling 100 miles just because of your words!!! And if that person gets on wax (turns angry) and the relationship (whatsoever it may be professional or personal) turns sours then who is to be blamed?
There are times when we should and could have come out with the truth but chose to hide or lie…..
Now we are working overtime to hide it!!! Come out with it dude: go say and confess!!! Yes it may hamper your progress or be suicidal to your relationship but in the end truth will be known!!!! So u will be back to square one… What will u gain? Extra tension of trying to find a suitable excuse and nothing more!!

So please guys keep it simple. Life will surely be better then ...


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Meenu said...

hmm....good thought....1 best thing is that it communicated ur message well...keep going..cheers

falcon said...

Well I think I write best when I am into depression mood or after I am Drunk...
Anyways the appreciation is really welcome and I belive I could be pampered with some more ... Which can also be critical...