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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thinking Loud

Happy Holi !!!
But tell me , did u see the lunar eclipse yesterday, the moon became red.. at around 4:40 am. It wasn't so spectacular or something but how often do you actually see a red moon?( mind you I am not talking about full moon) It was was once in a lifetime opportunity to see it and hope you did.

Because sometime what you miss in life can never be gained again! And the hard part is we realise it much later, what we have missed or lost, and regret over it, all our life. But that's is life....
That makes it so special and that makes us individual in our own right. We know what we have lost, or didn't bother to look at it just because it was there, we took it for granted, and that was a mistake - a very big one indeed. For what is lost cannot be resurrected again, and we wish if we could just go back once in time and just get one chance to show that we really care, we really do. But. BUT but.. K Sera Sera ... that's the way it goes on....

What the heck am I blabbering isn't it ??? That too on Holi? "bhang utri nahin kya?" No but I was just wondering what if "Prahalad" had died instead of "Holika" how would "Hirankashyap" the father, would have felt and not "Hirankashyap" the king? So, far we have heard the legend as "Hirankashyap" the demon king, but i would love to hear his side of the story as "Hirankashyap, the father".
What do you say???

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