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Monday, November 17, 2008

Crap ... Crap .. and simply crap...

Alright man! This is not personal .. this is not grumbling.. This is simple case of disappointment...

Now I know nobody reads this blog and those who read it .. may take it personal.. and may think me as a sissy! I give a damn... After all I am more or less anonymous..

Crap man! My humour has gone sour.. Damn man it is crap...

Ok I'll make it simple.. I am tired, exhausted , after a days work and lately have been bedridden. Needless to say I need rest, and I do think I have earned myself a well deserved some "good time". Now, what the heck am I doing.. writing a dumb post for a blog that nobody reads...

My tolerance level are at a record low. Man I get pissed even just by looking at a kakrooni collegue of mine. So, in short I am exploding over thing which I normally ignore.... Like readership level of my blog!!! I want this post of mine to shout to the world that I have been let down. And let down in a big way!

Now I have waited for this blogie award that is going on at a some XYZ blog. Now why wouldn't I name that url becoz I can't prove anything... Actually this blog is a damn good blog..and when this award was started I expected to find some awesome nominations... And there were so..Among them was mine.. an honour in itself!!! And I thank the person who nominated me! ( I don't know who!!!)

I was thinking to promote this award thing and just cheat if I could with the poll thing.And crap Man that is irrelevant....

Now I know why Bollywood movies balantly copy the Hollywood counterparts !!! Because they can do it and get away with it as an "inspiration". And this "inspiration" is recognized!!!

Now I know I can't prove anything! But the one post that made into the final list was a inspiration. Judges.. do you hear me? There is one post in the category is not original. It's a copy !!!! And It's a poor copy!!!

And I am indeed disappointed.. especially from the blogger who created this whole award thing... The last place where I expected to find "idea hijacking" in the whole blogosphere was your blog.

Damn man I would have posted you the proof if I could have.. but I don't have any proof..and becoz I can't prove; ...that bugger will get away with it!!!

Crap .. crap and double crap.... Man I have read the Idea somewhere... If I am not mistaken then it is the in the book called "Sixty steps to precis" by some Alexander... It may be L.G Alexander or it could be P.G Alexander. But I don't know if it is that book or some other.

What I am sure that I have read that crap and pathetic crap before... And I Know it for sure..

Super let Down!!! I am disappointed... Damn that "kakroona Copy Pruna" blogger!


Anonymous said...

Arre yaar falcon bhai, itna gussa kyon?

I mean, it may or may not be that the blogger knows that the post of his/her has been nominated! You do know that somebody else can nominate your posts right? Plus going through soooo many posts with such a small team can be an ardous task. You must not be angry for that. :)

Heck one of my posts made it to the final list without even me knowing and it was a post which I had reposted from my old blog which was copied from a joke book! lol. Now how would the person who nominated my post know that? :)

Anyway, have a great day! Chinese ki tapri kholi kya? :P

falcon said...


My lord..I see ur point.. and looks like I over reacted.. The thing which made my blood boil was the Idea of plagarism..

I mean I don't know whether U acknowledged the original creator..or not and I could not find any evidence that the post in question even acknowledged that it was really inspired..

I mean some of my personal favourite posts on this blog are not original Idea in itself (eg rain and Logic and exercept form diary) but I have it mentioned in some way or the other although I do not remember whose idea I copied. My friends have plagiarized my posts but they have acknowledged that it was my idea.

I acknowledge that the header on my blog is from u but I haven't been able to dedicate a post to "the future emperor of the world"

What worse that in my personal opinion that post would have been ranked seventh even if it was the only nomination in the category. And there were atleast a dozen better than the post.

The judge has contacted me And I would find the evidence even it takes me 6 months.

As for the chinese gal I have yet to find my Lucy lyu ..or any otrher girl for that.

Anonymous said...

@falcon: Sorry for commenting without all knowledge. Can you tell me what you are trying to find so I can help you if I can? :)

I don't think I did credit the original author. Most of my readers are followers of the old blog and it was a repost from there where I'd written it was from a jokebook. lol. Anyway, I've had it disqualified this morning. ;)

I mean some of my personal favourite posts on this blog are not original Idea in itself (eg rain and Logic and exercept form diary) but I have it mentioned in some way or the other although I do not remember whose idea I copied.
Haha, but then again, with so many brains in the world, it's hard to come up with a 100% original idea! :D

I acknowledge that the header on my blog is from u but I haven't been able to dedicate a post to "the future emperor of the world"

When did I say you have to? :) If I wanted recognition, I would have put a "image by geekwrestler" in the image. :D

Anyway, if I can be of any help, call on me. :)

falcon said...

@geek wrestler

My Lord .. the future emperor of the world...

Firstly, It's perfectly Ok. There was no way u could have known the development...
And it appears that this post is also a result of typing without thinking. (As if I Can think while typing :) Or rather I can think at all ;) )

Secondly U did credit the orignal author ... In ur old blog so it's Ok by my standards..

Thirdly, The Iissue over here is something that can be called "intellectual Property rights" or rather it's a thing of ethics.. That we should adhere to ..

Therefore It becomes my duty to let everyone that I acknowledge the things that are not mine or inspired.

And Therefore I think I should Acknowledge that The header was designed by irrespective of the fact that u did not ask for it!!!

Lasly, My Lord ikt would only be appropiate that I give the information abt the post and the original article in private... so kindly send me ur email -ID.

Geek Wrestler said...

aacinfosystems at

I have received the basic gist of it from the judge. I am searching.

Geek Wrestler said...

Oh and thanks for the credits. :)

Puneet said...

hey buddy when are you going to write another post??? and by the way you also participated in the bloggies awards, nice. I won for the best poetic post. Looking forward to your new post. i completed my half date post.

falcon said...

i must say you have fine sense of humor. it was quite prudent to bring in the rain in to the scene which gave an added effect to the story.
it was good thinking to blow in a romantic sense into the hero at the last moment. this way you led your readers to believe the hero was not that bad after all!!!
the usage of words and grammar was perfect save two places. but there are other effects in the story strong enough to mask any mistake or correction. story is very coherent and follows the chosen thread of line.
good work..
appreciations, shobhana raman.