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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poem Is it?


Aghaz-e-tarab mein
yoon muskurata hoon main
Akele galiyaron main
kyon gungunata hoon mein
Dewaaron se aaj kal mein
fir hale dil sunata hoon main
Mehfilon mein akela sa
kyon khud ko pata hoon main
Chand ko mein
kyon ghazalein sunata hoon main
Badalon ki kasak ko
kyon sun pata hoon main
Dariyaa ki liakat ko
ab samjh pata hoon main
Falak mein udta hua
kyon khud ko pata hoon main
Jaam mein ab nasha
kyon na pata hoon main
Raat ko
kyon so na pata hoon main
Aaj kal uski Ibadat mein
sar ko jhukata hoon main
Baat to dheron hain
par kyon keh na pata hoon main
Teri tasveer dekh kar main
kyon chain pata hoon main
Tere chod jane ke baad bhi
kyon umeed banata hoon main
Akhir tumhe
kyon itna chahta hoon main


Garv Vadehra said...

hey...nice poem..

but do u mind if i make this into a song??...i mean no copyright issues?? might even release nationally..

falcon said...

Welcome to Falcon eyes

Thx for the compliment. You can use it anyhow u like as long as it is NOT for commercial use.

However if u like to use it as a commercial purposes then I would like to give me credit/Acknowledgment for original creation.

Garv Vadehra said...

dude...if i release it nationally...then of course it is a commercial use...nd yes...u will be credited for it...

falcon said...


That is a general reply to all my post ( until and unless it is mentioned in the otherwise. )

What I meant is that no one has to ask any permission to use anything that is there on the blog for non-commercial reasons.

The second part of the comment was written specifically to you.

Thanks, for considering the poem worthwhile.

Raghav Goyal said...

falcon i was probably first one to read it other than you after you posted it(i have nothig else better to do then check all you guys' blog out) but i didnt comment coz poems are not my cup of tea I myself tried my hand at it and i sucked... and i really didnt want to sound stupid while commenting...
but anyways...
If you have written it for someone.. then congratulation to you and best of luck to her for coping with you and if you wrote this as just another peice of yours then sorry i am dissapointed... the theme is much used and i seriously expect unexpected from you... these poems are written by many and few of these lines can be heard in typicall indian love flicks... but there were some really nice words... your urdu vacab is awesome... i had to ask thier meaning to truely understand it... and like always you write things in a nice manner... its pretty good but you can do better... or are you being infected by love like puneet???
and you have already got biggest praise anyone can get... garv want to use your work... that means it would be good... but i still expect a better work....