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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

falcon eyes: Heart ache

falcon eyes: Heart ache

I dedicate this poem to my sweet would-be wife

I burn my eyes in the lantern oil
To vent out the fire that makes my heart toil
I thank for being a human and not ape
Scribbling ink on paper is my only escape

Putting a mask over a cape
I shut my cries with a tape
I run distances and jog for miles
For you my love, I long for your smiles

I am hurt and I too feel pain
When I see my efforts going down the drain
Your words hit me like a bullet train
You always leave me in utter disdain

Not on you but what I aspire,
For what I sweat, for what I perspire,
It’s not your glow but also your fire
My love, this is what I truly desire.

I want your smell in the air I breathe
You never know you make me complete
But there is something deep in your eyes
This leaves me stranded and my heart cries

Though you stand proud and you walk tall
And you know I’m putting in everything and all
Do you really want me to beg and crawl
Don’t you know, for you I’ll take the fall

I know you are holding something dark and creep
I know that there are nights when you silently weep
Please allow me your demon’s peep
And rest on my shoulder’s for a peaceful sleep

Your words leave me hung on a rope
Yet I see a glimmer of hope
As I burn my eyes in the lantern oil
I see a day when you will uncoil


Oshonica said...

i have no words.. this is a masterpiece!!
my my...what a top notch poet you are..i m completely blown away..
calling it beautiful wd b an understatement. it's haunting. the words may not linger long but the thought will. one of the best poems i've read so far..a virtual salute..

falcon said...

Thanx ...

U always over-rate me

Anonymous said...

i don't..really liked this one..

falcon said...

Mr./Miss Anonymous...

I guess u did not read the post.

It clearly mentioned it was not 4 u.
It was 4 my sweet would be wife..

RiVa said...

Well i liked the poem rather loved it...m sure ur wud b wife will like it if not love it...its written beautifully...

a personal question, did she hurt u coz smwhr u mention being so...

falcon said...

@ Riva

U r a journalist..

But I would prefer if you respect my privacy!!!

And as a good journalist u can always find out the truth..


RiVa said...

6 years in Journalism has taught me to read between the tht means she did hurt you...

wateva,,,with the poem thr r certain thngs u cn still develop n mk it all the more bttr...tht is only if u want...

falcon said...

@ Riva

U know U write better poems..

While I am still a rhymster so don't make fun of me

RiVa said...

ppl giving u positive critism r nt neccessarily mking fun of u...i kno i write bttr poems thn u bt u write bttr prose tht gets evn....u r nasty bitch...hah...

falcon said...

Yeah but ur poems are for too better.. they are better than my prose. so I love u.. for ur writing

RiVa said...

Listen sweety...we bttr nt compete on writing skills ok...we both kno who is shut it...n thnks for ur love fr my wrk really appreciates it...