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Monday, January 20, 2014

Coiled Falcon

The sandstorm came
and stripped the nest
the Falcon's wings
were ripped to dust
gripped was the bird
in the winds of time

No wings to fly
Not a second to cry
wrapped in the cold
the prey was bound

Coiled by the serpent
Choked in its grasp.
No light and No air
No hope and only despair

Bones were crushed
And body battered
Blood turned blue
and dreams shattered

From sky to dust
in blink of an eye
He wanted to die
to escape it's grief

The snake venom didn't burn
nor did he miss his wings,
what hurt him the most
he had no home to turn

He had no fight left
He had no will
Proud he may be
he wanted to lay still

Filled in darkness
Broken by heart
Raped of his respect
and clipped of his wings

Death was an escape
but his life was not his
He still owes to a Merlin
so in Coils is the Falcon Still

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