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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Friends -thx for being with me


Mahi in playful mood with little bro

Torque - the silent assassin

If there has to be photographs on my blog the first must be yours my friends. I remember when Lucy first came to my house in September 99, she was lean and thin and was on a hunger strike but she was happy. She ate for the first time in 3 days the moment she came to our room. She found a home and my family became complete.

Drooping ears, thin legs, innocent brown eyes but she was comfortable at once. May be it was the magic of "Maa's anchal". No more than a new born baby, she was a baby born on 22nd May 1999.

She was intelligent and understanding. I cared her like my own baby. She grew up in no time. Soon she was a mother of 9 pups on 18th December 2003.

If I start telling you about their growing up years it will take years to complete it. Anywayz, this time I am not writing it for you, So if you don't like it FUCK OFF!!!

I still remember growing up with Lucy. She was a true time pass. I slept with her, played with her, ran with her, and yes studied with her. She was there when I used to have my night studies for my 10th. Whenever I got bored, she got a kick for sleeping, while I swotted. She was there for my 2:00 am refreshment exercise. She was there when I used her as my pillow in my green lawn. A perfect play dog when we needed one.

But then times changed..... An intelligent dog was required and she fitted the bill perfectly. She was there to take care of dad. She was there, so that I could leave dad and fulfill my obligation. She was there with dad all 13 days, every minute after my grandpa's death.( except when Mom or I asked her to take her meals.)

And I am proud when Dad gave her a higher priority than my religion or relatives.She deserves that....

Time changed for worse... a terror squad was needed... to keep my relatives at bay. I trained Mahi and Torque for the same... ( u know I don't give any quarters!!! unlike my saint parents!) My boundary wall was raised to 8 feet, 6 feet fencing was done to allow my assassins to roam freely. And often I had to double up as a morgue keeper for the unfortunate stray that creeps in the terrorists realm. Adult stray dogs split into two halves joined only by their backbone is a common sight!!!

Mahi is very energetic and is always there to light up your life provided she grants you your life first.Dominating and demanding and very intelligent and bubbly. Torque on the other hand is a silent assassin. Highly unpredictable - probably an influence of its name suggester!!! He adores me, strangely!!! Dies to be with me, again very strange! And yeah he has also talked to Nadira*. And their conversation is the world's best kept secret!

And Lucy, she is a darling... listens to all my heart-ache. Always understands me and never ever offers me an advise. She probably told them to mom too, otherwise there is little chance that mom could have guessed about Nadira*. She is a perfect excuse for me to get some private conversation on phone. Thanks to her long walk!

And yeah, don't you wake me up again in the morning you stupid dogs.Thanks for just being with me through thick and thin. Thanks for everything. There are no words to express my gratitude to you all. Thanks for being a MAN'S BEST FRIEND. World would have been so much incomplete without Dogs


saraswathi said...

hey...nice post...i dont lyk dogs bt still enjoyd reading this...

shikha said...

hiii....cute pets u have...lucky you:)