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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is this Gandhigiri?

August 16, 2007 Shiv Sena decided to protest against the proposed SEZ and the land acquisition by Reliance. The previous night they started their preparation decorating every corner and lane by red flags, mind you this was still August 15.

Led by Manohar Joshi the former chief minister of Maharashtra they demonstrated their protest on the D day in true "Gandhian Style". They followed the Gandhian principle of not raising their hand but only that. This is 2007 they had done improvisation to the Gandhian Style- they hurled stones, used bamboos and whatever material at their disposal.

They went a step further than the non-corporation . They broke all the glasses of NMMT buses. They vandalised the shops hit the innocent and robbed the elders. Private vehicles windshield were broken because they pay road tax to the government, elders were robbed because they take pension from the government. The former abetting a crime and later took the piece of their booty.

They believed actions speak louder than words and their lewd actions did just that. Protesters jerking their hands near their groin region was their response to a group of girls taking a video of their protest on their cellphone from their flat.

And you couldn't blame them with half a bottle of whisky down their throat everyone gets a little tipsy. "Whisky during protest?", that's not Gandhigiri you say! But you couldn't really blame that they were fighting for a cause and isn't that a reason to celebrate!!! And what could be a better time to celebrate when you see your revolution is bringing the result!

A Konkan Bhavan and CIDCO office vandalised, buses broken. People fainted due to stone pelting, highways blocked windscreen dashed a police jeep burnt and people robbed. Every revolution needs money and blood and this time the innocent provided that.

Surprisingly enough, reliance industries were left untouched after all they are paying them 10 lakh and a job.

And if you think this isn't Gandhigiri sew your lips Shiv Sena thinks so. What a novel way to celebrate sixty years of independence!!!


shikha said...

Bal Thackeray and his Shiv Sena have always packaged and marketed hatred and unrest under the name of 'hindutva' in this society.Bal Thackeray is the biggest political 'gunda' I have seen.Its just the election times when he suddenly springs up and passes some irrelevant and outrageous comments on distinguished social figures.i still remember his disgusting comments on my fav.former president Dr.APJ Abdulkalam.
The Shiv Sena's acts of vandalism and violence are not it mumbai's riots,valentine's day protest,hatred for muslims and dalits,or this latest issue you mentioned,these ppl have always promoted violence and like this time they are calling it shameless.bulls**t.

anyways,our job is never to vote for their party ,for,its t group of illiterate,religion blinded,immoral
filthy wild animals who want to fragment this society just for their electoral plain simple language-shiv sena and shiv sainiks -suck.

falcon said...

looks as if somebody is really pissed at shiv sena...
nevewr new i would recieve such a long comment. it is good enough to become a post in its own right .... may be i could see some more posts from u !!!

rishabh said...

Look i think that there are better ways to handle the things than getting violent. Violent protests lead to damage of public property and only common man suffers bcoz of that. There have been instances where ppl have lost theirlives as well. I am against any such move. But this is the nature and behaviour of this political outfit which will curtail more losses than gain........

falcon said...