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Saturday, November 03, 2007

The fishy Iraq war

This post has been jotted down from memory. I haven't done any recent research so I ask the readers to pardon me if I get my numbers wrong, it will always be near to the exact figure. I ask my editor to correct the figures should he have some spare time.

While the second Gulf war, was a cake walk for the US until the capture of "Saddam Hussein". something was fishy about the entire episode which most of us missed including yours truly, until I read an article from a Russian diplomat who was earlier associated with the Russian Intelligence. Most of the point in this post are inspired from his article.

Iraq during the first Gulf war put up a brave fight before US. It not only denied US to enter its home soil for long but also inflicted severe economic loss to the US, if not military. However It seems Saddam had forgotten its basic this time. Except for the battle of "Basra", hardly put up any resistance.

I am no military analyst, but I play Chess. And in chess , when you see you cannot win , you defense, cut off all entry point to king, and delay looking for a possible stalemate. Did Saddam took these measures? No. Going by the first Gulf War, one thing is for sure that Saddam at least knew about these measures that could have left US still trying to capture Baghdad...

* Firstly, Iraq could have set fire to its oil fields like it did in 1992 making really difficult for US to advance.The move would have shot Oil prices world over, increasing pressure on the US to withdraw.
* Secondly, it could have blown the bridge over Tigris river, thus cutting the entry point to Baghdad.Turkey having refused US to use its "Air Space" it would have been really difficult to capture Baghdad with only Air Strikes. Instead not a single mine was found on the bridge.
* Thirdly, Us estimates around 76 fighter jets mostly MiG in possession of Iraq. Scrutiny of defense deals of other nation confirm this number. Where were they during this war? And where are they now?Nobody knows.
* Fourthly, Iraq had much more Scuds(missile) than it used.Three, if I am right where are the rest? And why weren't they used? The three that were used were also off target, one of them landing in mid-desert. At least they could have been used in Basra where they knew the exact position of enemy.
* Fifthly, Where are Saddam clones, during the Gulf war 1 US captured or killed at least nine of them!
* Sixthly, A large amount of Saddam money is unaccounted for!!!
* Lastly, and most importantly, ( this one taken from the article itself) When Saddam Hussein was captured the US media covered the operation, moments after Saddam Surrender if not live. While they were covering the palace, the hole and the soldiers who took part in the operation, they shot (may be accidentally) a scene where TWO SOLDIERS POSED UNDER A DATE TREE, zoom in on the picture & you would see FRUITS ON TREE. This is surprising for at that time DATES WERE OUT OF SEASON IRAQ.

These loop holes indicate either of the two possibilities, Either Mr. Saddam Hussein was captured long before the war or there must have been some kind of behind the scene, agreement between "Saddam and America" & he is alive now.


saraswathi said...

i dunno hw mch of these observations r true but i wont b surprised if these turn out 2 b facts!...

krishna said...

and where were the bloody chemical weapons ,the posession of which was main reason or the attack..why didn't the "millitant" Iraqi regime use them against the"peace keepers of the world"

Poonam Sharma said...

Hey! If that speculation is true, it is worrying as well as shocking!

Between I had tagged you for a lil kiddish meme at

You may not like these memes at all, so i dont mind if you dont do it. But I thought I should inform you. :)

falcon said...

@poonam see I haven't verified the last posts but rest of them were pretty evident.. Don't u think so???

falcon said...

sorry I meant the last point about the video

faiz said...

Well the Iraq war was once hot topic for debate.. it still is... The observations though are nothing new, it was very logical and clear to observe during the war but I cud not swallow the conclusion drawn that possibility of saddam's capture much before or some sort of agreement between US and Saddam...
Saddam was very loyal toward his country he cud never reach to an agreement with the devil US otherwise he wont have been taken to gallows.
saddam sacrificed his life for the sake of his countrymen, may his soul rest in peace.
This is a lesson to learn bout patriotism specially we Indian who enjoy only flaunting patriotism.
we should bring to power brave and patriotic leader, not coward or bungler.
our leader should be someone who can preserve the Grace and Glory of India at any cost even at the cost of his life.