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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yes Boss!!!

This is an old draft ....
According to "Ramayana" when "Lord Ram "decided to attack "Lanka", he had one major difficulty-"How do I take my vast army across the great ocean?" He instructed his chief engineers "Nal" and "Neel" to construct a bridge across the ocean.

They set out to do so, throwing rocks into the sea after writing "Ram" on each stone into the sea. And, lo the rocks floated! However, when "Lord Ram" himself tried to do so, the rock sunk! On asking the reason for it, "Nal" and "Neel" replied, "oh lord, these rocks were floating in the sea by the virtue of your name, but when you yourself left someone(in this case the rock) how could it float!"

A classic example of flattery!!! The most probable explanation for the story (ignoring the recent controversy) could be that the rocks that floated were "Igneous Rocks" made by cooling of upper layer of lava and fumes. These rocks contain a large number of air spaces between them thus making their average density / specific density lighter than that of sea water. Eg : " Pumice stones' that women use to scrub their feet. And "Nal" or "Neel" "being monkeys" were able to distinguish and select those stones where as "Lord Ram" did not.

Anyways, what does it take to get to the top???

"Yes Boss", you are right. It is not hard work, honesty or talent. It is your ability to remain loyal to the high command and say "Yes Boss".

"Yes Boss", can take you to the TOP!!!It can make you the "PRESIDENT"!!!

"Yes Boss", I am talking about "Pratibha Patil" the president of India (but not my president).

What has she done to become president to except saying "Yes Boss". If she is the best woman for the job then "my dear women of India" please go and immolate yourself. If she is the best candidate from "Maharashtra" then please rename the state as "DHITRASHTRA"!!!

And if you take her elections the symbol of rising woman and women empowerment then by that logic even our "Tulsi" of "Kabhi saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" fits the bill.

"Yes Boss", you are right when you say she looks as an uneducated "granny' with a saree covering her head, with her "bright red sindoor" adorning a fifth of her face round spectacles out of 1857 and two teeth borrowed from a rabbit. "Yes Boss" you are right if you say that her attire resembles a woman coming straight out of 16th century.

"Yes Boss", you are right, when you say "Kiran Bedi" not an empowered woman because she doesn't speak the two golden words one should say to the UPA Chairperson - "Yes Boss".

"Yes Boss", and you are right again when you say that "Dandewal" is the best man for the job of commissioner for he is the one who says "Yes Boss".

"Yes Boss", I think he is the same "Dandewal" who was present at the scene of famous "Jessica Lal' murder.

"Yes Boss", you are right again when you say that I should shut up and say- "Yes Boss", UPA has really made the country proud. "Yes Boss"- you are right, no matter what India is still great!!!


rajesh said...

u know.pratibha patil becoming president of india is an insane decision since shez not worthy of gettin what she got.Mr kalam was the perfect option and what he took away with him............just a suitcase.
God plz save INDIA,these politicians are not gonna let it stay u made it.

Vaishno said...

So true!!!!"Yes Boss"are the words... whether u work or nt, whether ur capable or nt, these 2 little words can acutally make ur career!!!
I agree with Rajesh's comment too.. But, hey dont you think its high time that YOUTH joins politics...rather than cribbing about the situation??

falcon said...

cribbing... thats the best we can do.. sit and criticize.. but never change ourself

krishna said...

views expressed by you really raise the concern of people who have an optimistic thinking for the way things work in India.Playing politics for the office of the President was really shameful.there are certain things which shgould never be brought in the muddy game and the president's post is one of them.Not having Mr Kalaam as the President is a great loss.