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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Some vestigial feelings

Now, back home my mother offered me some sweets. Politely I refused. Small gesture! Isn't it?

Unfortunately it wasn't so in my mother's view!It was "Besan Ka Ladoo"- my favourite! And the interrogation began...

Mom: Are you OK?
Me: yes
Mom: Toothache?
Me: No
Mom: Isn't it Good?
Me: No. It's fine.
Mom: Then why aren't you taking it? Surprised at my refusal since I have always had a sweet tooth!
Me: I have stopped taking sweets!

Now, this simple statement turned the line of fire to my father. "Look your son has stopped taking sweets. he has reduced his sugar intake, and has become health conscious! And you at the age of 50+ is taking so much of sugar and fat with all the milk and cream!

I felt sorry for Dad! Poor chap! getting all stuff for no fault of his.

Now, i am not health conscious at all. It's just that I hate looking at sweets now. I couldn't tell the reason to Mom for this sudden change but I could tell it here. I am more or less anonymous and nobody ever reads my blog . So it's quite safe.

After much of request, Nadira my sweetest, my "khoob bhalo mishti" finally decided to meet me for the last time. Our last few conversation were more of a fight and in probably the most coward way possible i.e on online chat.

I guess, she must have prepared for all the accusation that she expected me to make and some more. OK, I confess I am sarcastic even to her and I did think to give her a piece of my mind. So what are you gonna shoot me???

But hello, this was supposedly our last meeting, right? So it should be sweet. Isn't It? And finally we met, I was all cordial, friendly and I believe not sarcastic at all. Though I wouldn't place my bet on the last thing! The point is it's not easy to be angry when you look at her! This girl has me walking on the air and so does Sushmita Sen, Rekha, and Latitia Casta. It's all male hormones I guess!!!

Anyway, this was not she expected in all probability! I gave her a box of chocolate, (by asking her to hold it for me.) And hell, It's difficult to hold and just hold a box of open chocolate especially when someone rubs you with a statement, "It's a crime to refuse a chocolate"

Where was I? Ah yes Chocolate! So it wasn't a bad evening. Crucify anyone who calls it a "date"? She offered me a piece and look at her daring, she used my punchline: "It's a crime to refuse a chocolate." Doesn't she know it's patented and copyright protected? And instinctly, my hand made a movement only to stop...

My inside were paining as if put on fire. Just as they do as I write. Some volcano erupted inside me as its molten lava burnt my inside. A gag and a clot formed in my throat. And my mind said...

"I know it's has been a great evening for you. I have been all friendly, courteous, and chivalrous etc (Suggest me some more adjective, I got to build a rep.)No accusation, and most of all this is the last time you are going to see the most irritating, useless, worthless and unimportant character in your life. ( Got to write these stuff makes it more appealing to the readers especially the females. God knows what will I do to get more hits!) And I also know that you would rather be caught dead than be seen with me. Fair enough! (So noble of me!!!) But that doesn't mean you go on distributing sweets on road! Least of all to me!"

And the same feeling continues even today. Where is my cigarette? You may call this "burning feeling" as Love, Sadness, depression, desperation or any other thing you like I call it plain and simple "Acidity". I should not have skipped my meal ... Didn't I tell you I am not health conscious at all!!!


Poonam Sharma said...

ha ha!

Good luck with your girl!

falcon said...

Remember I wrote vestigial feeligs....
feelings that are of no use but can surely give u a pain in the ....u know where

shikha said...

hey,I AM BACK...
got rid of exams..ahh.feels wonderful..
btw,wat a sweet post..loved it [:)]...(the orkut effect)

one weird advice-start eating sweets,u shall put on some weight .ofcourse then u wil start worrying about it and wil try ways to reduce it.u wil be hitting gym and be more calorie cautious and all this stuff wil keep u off frm thinking over those spilled beans-i mean that girl whose name keeps coming in ur posts.
one more advice-its a crime not to forgive ppl who give u some real stupid advices ;)
ha ha..

falcon said...

Don't worry i need to to put on some weight...for last several years... how was ur exams shikha...happy new year!!!
by the way the name which I use in my blog is a pseudo name