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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dog training - What the fuck!!!

I could never really understand, what the term "Dog Training" is all about? Before, you dump this post as a usual crap that you think I dish out to you, a gentle reminder, I always bite then bark. I just don't want to show you, my teeth. However, on this occasion I choose to introduce myself.

I have been training dogs since 1999. I have trained dogs that were 1st runner up in state dog show. I have trained a "stone deaf" dog. I have rehabilitated dogs. And if you consider it as an accomplishment ( keyword being if ) trained dogs from CM's house.

Sure, I don't have a certificate that certifies me as a Trainer but neither do 99% of the people who are in business in India. And I don't need any to prove my credentials to write a post on the topic.

What do you mean by "Dog Training"? If it means to you, a pet that sits when you say "sit", barks when you ask it to bark, eats when you ask it to eat and walks when you want command it to walk. I suggest, go get a robot! you don't deserve a pet. For heaven sake they are living creatures and not some electro-mechanical device that can be switched on and off at your whims and fantasies.

Yet, unfortunately I see a lot of people taking pride in turning their pets into robots. And worst of all, many of them end up spending a sizable amount to a person (read trainer) to torture their pets. The training begins by coaxing, twice or thrice in front of their master and then the dog is beaten mercilessly until it submits. It becomes afraid of it's trainer rather being friend of it! So, you get a guard dog that submits on one single shout and a raised cane.

What the fuck does these trainer train? A dog always barks, it never sings or meows. If you can make a dog do it, that's really training! A dog always walks or runs, it never climbs a tree. If you can make a dog do it, that's training. A dog will always lie down it can never act like "Ashwariya Rai", if you can make it do it, that's training! But then does your dog really needs such training?

Is it necessary that your dog behave like the "Hutch Dog"? And if you want your dog to sing, don't you think you miss a circus a little too much?

For your information, I never trained a dog. All I ever did was that I tried to understand it, and make it understand me!!! I failed miserably when I tried to teach my Alsatian climb a tree, but my Pom did it to some extent, for it was play for it. ( Mind you it never turned into a monkey. And small dog in general have a greater balance than large ones).

Lucy could act like a dead when asked, with her tongue even held out. Even if you move her leg to an angle, it remained in that position until asked to move again, even if it was in air. To her, it was game but I could not make it happen with any other dogs. One carried a full brick from the stockpiles to the construction site - doing a job of one labourer, for she wanted to help her master. Then there was other, that used to bring mangoes from the orchard and take peel off coconuts.

I do not claim I can train your dog to do the same but I can perhaps make your dog do something different and useful. I don't claim that your dog will sit when you will want him to. Lucy never obeyed my command when I asked her to but I can ensure, that you will never have to use leash to control him. I can ensure that your dog will not touch it's bone until you ask it to do so. I don't claim your dog will always listen to you but I can ensure that your dog will follow those unspoken commands that your eyes gave it to him.

And, I don't say I am too good or too bad. I only say that your dog is just like a child, it will always do what you want only if you spend time with it and make an honest attempt to understand them.

Understand their smile, their laugh, their complains, their highs and their lows, assure them in when they see the nightmares, enjoy with them their favourite music and your dog will obey your command without it being spoken. You'll never have the need of trainers. ( And once again they do exhibit these behaviours you only need to observe it!!! Trust me they do smile and laugh, just observe their jawlines and mouth!!! )

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