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Thursday, June 12, 2008

My personal resolutions - Update

My cigarette intake has reduced in past several months, but I never promised to reduce it!!! May be I'll quit if I don't get my brand.

Chetan Bhagat in his book said, "When bad things come to an end, good things also come to an end". Same words can be used to describe my feelings, today being my last day in Mumbai or rather Navi-Mumbai. I am relocating to a new place, though it is not some hill station with lots of "Mongolian race" gals. I have atleast stayed on my words.

I suppose my plans of opening a "Chinese tapri" (Chinese stall) in front with a "Chinki" (no offense meant, the word is just easier to type) gal in front of J.W. Marriot will have to wait

I wanted to meet some friends, some acquantices, some people I know and some whom I knew, but you really can't have everything. Funny I am saying such things about Mumbai, two years earlier I would have scoffed at the idea.

The worst part is that my cigarette is rare and costs INR 6 compared to INR 5 at my new city. (city may be just a generic term!!!)

There is only one thing left to do burn my personal dairy. I guess I'll ask my friend to do it!!!

I think these lines makes more of a sense now..

lo ateet se utna heen,
jitna ki poshak ho,
jeern- sheern ka moh to,
mirtyu ka dyotak hai..
Gati jeevan ka satya cheerantan...
itne gatimay bano
jitna ki swayam parivartan hai...

I guess I should say "Astla vista Mumbai" or "Adios Mumbai" or "Goodbye Mumbai"...Nah I'll do it my style

Jai ram ji ki Mumbai Baba. Jai ram ji ki Maharashtra!!!

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Intriguiging Answers said...

Mann i don't know why but at times(esp in ur blogs) ,you sound so practical.I hope you have taken seeds from the past that you will sow in your present and enjoy a good crop in your future...