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Friday, April 03, 2009

My country - Their Government

With elections around the corner, speculations are high. There are those who say that the next government would be of UPA or rather UPA should form the government, while other place their bet on NDA or wish that NDA should come to power. I being a good for nothing citizen, just silently ask myself a question....
Why is that nobody says OUR government will be formed. Why is the government formed of (and not by) a political party or an alliance?

Since when did we start to exist as a democracy which is "BY the people, OF the party, FOR the politicians"? And if that is not the case then why are we so blind?

Whether it is the NDA which said "India Shining", or UPA which says now "AAM Aadmi ka haath", ( Translation: Hands of a common man. )

Why can't we see it is neither the case. How can "India be shining" if it needs to import even its flag from China for celebrating it's independence day!!! How can India be shining when we still import weapons for our defense? How can we call "India Shining" when even the needle that we use to stitch our clothes is also imported from China.

About the UPA, the less said the better. I am sick and tired of hearing the two names so much that I become irritated on hearing it. I don't know how can the Congress claim to be the hand of a common man. Yes Mr Rahul makes news, EVERYTIME HE STAYS AT A BELOW POVERTY LINE (BPL) DALIT'S HOME IN AMETHI.

I want to ask, why is their a single person in BPL category in entire Amethi. It is a consistency that has given India several PM ... If It can't be developed how is it the hand of a common man. Why is still there a single line (railway) in that region. Isn't 60 years enough to convert a single line into double line?

I say fuck all this. I ask the leaders of this great nation... "We all claim to be the next super power" and "Vision 2020". Justify me your slogans, "India Shining" or "a hand of a common man" whenever and wherever you made it if you can'tProvide a glass of clean drinking water in every Indian home...

And after 60 years of independence why hasn't any party put it on their agenda. Pani peene ki to aukat nahin hamari aur hum bolte hain ki hum super power banege.

Are haramkhoron, kutte ki tarah boti-boti ke liye lad rahe ho 60 saal se fir bhi akal nahin aayi. Hijre ki tarah hum kabhi ram mandir, to kabhi hindu-muslim, to kabhi reservation, to kabhi marathi manoos ka mujra politician ke liye kar rahe hain. Abe nasamjhon, Mandir bana jaroori hai ya is desh mein jitne mandir hain usme jal chadhe ye nishchit karna jaroori hai. Are Masjid bana liya to kya, kabhi socha hai ki tumhare bhaiyon ke pass namaz ada karne ke liye chatai tak nahin hai. Kya milega aise mandir-masjid se!!!

If you have guts demand that every MP that comes to your constituency provides clean drinking water to every home within his term or else he should retire permanently!!!

Ask him to promise only this and nothing else!!!


Raghav Goyal said...

I sense anger in you falcon, and its just but i think politicians are not the only ones to be blamed. there is corruption spread down to the bottom of our system. even if we have a govt. capable of doing some good or providing clean water they wont be able to do it... tumhe lagata hai ki jab har baat par sarkar girane ki dhamki milti hai to koi bhi govt kuch bhi kap payegi… what we need more importantly is a better judicial system… and yes, you must be tired of listening this line but more youths in politics… we need to participate ourself…if you cant get into mainstream politics then atleast can be an IPS or IAS officer… and yeah…present govt. does suck….

Vijay said...

nice one falcon but even if u talk about past govt. they also have same problem..power of vote had swinged the tail in can India...enlightment is more required than frustration....