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Sunday, June 07, 2009

I am growing Insane!!!

Bas Ek Khayal

Mujhe na maloom ki kya baat ho gayi
Na jaane hum se kya khata ho gayi
Tere intezaar mein intezaar bhi so gayi
Na jaane kab tu kahan kho gayi

Din gaye aur mausam bhi badal gaye
Dekhte heen dekhte saal bhi guzar gaye
Waqt ke tufaan mein hum yoon simat ke reh gaye
Ki kehne wale keh gayeki hum bhi bilkul badal gaye

Khud haath se teri tasveer jala kar
Har nishani ko khak mein dafna kar
Aur is dil ko deevaar mein chunva kar
Apni hasthi ko khud heen mita kar

Hamne bhi kadam badhana shuru kiya
Gir kar uthna shuru kiya
Taqdeer se ladna shuru kiya
Aur fir se hasna shuru kiya

Fir ek din kahin se ek awaaz ai
Kisi ke ghar mein baj rahi thi shehnai
Dulhan ke jode se jhaank rahi thi uski parchai
Aur koi thoos raha tha mere muh mein mithai

Ankhon mein ek nami se chaayi
Hooton mein ek siski aayi
Rulayi, bikhlayi aur tadpayi
Murde dil par bijli gir aayi

Na jaane kahan se woh hausla aaya
Uske chehre par maine nazar ghoomaya
Nazooron mein uske maine ek noor paya
Rab ki taqat ko shyad maine khud mein paya

Karz samajh kar maine farz nibhana sikh liya
Apni lash ko doli mein uthana seekh liya
Dua ke saath maine duhaiyi mangna sikh liya
Hasta mukhauta pehen maine bhi rona sikh liya


Manav said...

thats the true story of mt life but the second half has not been completed..............
and i want to die before it happens
khud mar jayenge par tdap tdap ke jine ki adat hum ab tak daal nahi paye hain...............
dil ko chunwa kar bhi aaj dhadkan ka ehsas rakhte hain dost.......

Raghav Goyal said...

dude.. i just want to know where do you get inspiration for such poems?? were you suffered in such manner in your own life or take it from incidences around you?
and why do you write such poems?
to show your feeling?? or just to see how people react to it and then laugh on it? or you write to kill time and this is what you come up with?

i am not commenting on poem yet... but i do look forward to your reply..

falcon said...


I seriously don't know!!!
Suffered??? I can't say. All I can say is that I loved a gal ( mind u it was a gal and only gal >> Doesn't mean a gal and several guys.. ;)) once... once upon a time..

Regarding inspiration.. Well When i get the ideas while smoking a pack of cigarette in night or at the shit-pot!!!

falcon said...
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Raghav Goyal said...

so you once liked a girl and correct me if i am wrong but you guys couldnt get together right??
well that explains many things.. i always thought you and i were in same position but it turns out you are in different.. and people get many different thoughts when they smoke in night or while taking crap but yours' are invariably around a same issue...

your reply raises more question then it answers...

so you still like the girl and worse you still miss her???
and did you even ever tell her about your feeling???
and when was this??
sorry for being nossy... but its actually a very intresting story and might help me in understanding you... and please elaborate... or write abt it..

Puneet said...

i liked the poem very much. a bit urban, but really readable. The rhyming was good, and the feelings were a bit melodramatic but still harmonious with the tone of the poem.

@raghav : all the guy & gal stories he wrote, didn't u get it then that he had been in love or is in...

falcon said...

Hello guys!!!

Kyon Bachhe ki vaat lagane pe tule hue ho...

I said
>>All I can say is that I loved a gal

Listen it is LOVED past tense.
The love and the guy who loved is long dead!!!

And it's not like I think only abt the same issue all the time.

Some other ideas also come to my mind but I usually refrain from penning it down!!!

most of them are censored or wierd :D
like Love Changes to MAKE LOVE, My radical views on almost everything

By the way if u wanna read my other sober thoughts ... read "Rain and Logic"

@ Puneet haan bhai galti ho gayi ab chilla chilla kar mere future prospects bhi khatam kareGA..

Bhai Ka kuch bhala ho to tera kya jayega!!!
Kyon mujhe devdas sabit karne pe tula hua hai..!!!

Puneet said...

I guess it wasn't that chilla chilli that i was doing, you kind of miffed with me or what? And I was just telling that to raghav, not even making a devdas out of you...

falcon said...


Hey bro I was kiddin
U need not take that seriously