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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Remembering those old days...Luc

Hey Gal,

I know this post comes a day late but you seriously didn't think that I forgot. I just want to say that wherever you are, be happy and yeah I still miss you - every single day. Alright, you knew it so what? Shut up and listen to me...

You know something, I am eating "halwa" right now and you aren't going to get any... so stop looking down from the sky. Bitch that innocent eyes aren't gonna work.

And to tell You a secret, "I cooked it", yeah I know it's your favourite so I cooked it. Today!!! Don't be so surprised...Heck gal, get this and get this straight, because I am not gonna repeat it again!

1.You aren't going to have any.
2.I cooked it. Just the way I cook your meal - your stupid non-veg.

You wanna proof here is the recipe:

Wheat Flour - 1 cup
Milk - 2 cups
Sugar - 1½ Cups
Ghee - as required.
Cardamom Powder a pinch
Cashew - 8-10
Orange food Color a pinch


1. In about a spoon of ghee roast the cashews and set aside.
2. Mix cardamom and food color to the milk and set aside.
3. Roast the wheat flour in about 2 spoons of ghee and fry for 5 minutes over low heat. Stir constantly to avoid burning.
4. Now add milk to the wheat and mix well. This will cook well and form into a ball.
5. Add the sugar and cook till it comes off the pan without sticking.Add little ghee intemitently as reauired.
5. Remove to a bowl greased with ghee. Add the cashews and enjoy the sweet.

Too bad, you can't even read. And there are no cashew, no cardamom and no milk. Secondly, It shouldn't be 2cups of water it should be 1½ Cups of water... ghee should be more. Thirdly, the stirrer is too old, we need to replace it..the dough is sticking to it...and yes not to mention that the "khadai suddenly starts to do the moon walk" -so be careful.

That's it... it's a little on the semi-solid state a little too sweet and there are a little balls of Flour and too much in quantity but otherwise it's ok. It was simple enough. See I did not just copy and pasted it from google- I actually made it...See the improvisation ...I know I am a genius.

All right, since you are pleading so much I'll allow it to taste. Only a little, look I am so kind-hearted. Here is a little... go ahead and taste it.. Come on...What you don't want to taste? How dare you say that and turn your back to me bitch!!

There is something called obedience - that is supposed to be the characteristic of your community, ever heard about it? Listen to me, come here - "idhar aao tum... innocent face banane se kuch nahin hoga" - Common eat it ...Come on eat it baby....

"Damn that bitch ran to mom's room"!!!

Damn Luc I still miss you.................. I miss you very much!!!


Sakhi said...

you gave me a reason why I shouldn't have a pet!! :)

falcon said...

@ Sakhi

When you want reasons you can find a ton .. it all depends on what you are looking for... But I would like to say one thing..

"you don't stop loving someone because you will lose them one day..."

Do you?

Sushant Gaur said...

i was here