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Friday, November 06, 2009

Dream Girl - My take: 1

Hi all, I originally planned to write this as a comment on Sakhi's Blog in response to her Story Dream Girl. I am just going to paste the text here as I think it is too long for a comment! I have thought of an ending but I do not promise to post it as I am too read at your own risk! Sorry Sakhi for lifting the idea without permission. I can remove the post if you want it

And so after months of persuation they decided to meet. He lived in a different city but he never told her about it. It was his dream was his was his date...and he intended to keep it.

On the D-day he woke up early, or rather he couldn't sleep the whole night. Somehow, he would wake up after every twenty minute only to realize that dawn was hours away.

As the first rays of sun touched the ground - a man was all dressed up!

Where are you going? asked his roomie...

"On a date"....

What a date!!! A date ... you mean with a gal.. the 36-24-36 type...?

Yes hopefully!

Are you kidding Dude... The All India Gay Association President is going on a date! and most importantly with a Gal! That's a breaking news!!!

He gave his room mate a scorn but as usual it was ignored completely! As is the case with most of the roomies, and true to their duty..Our Hero's roomie also invaded privacy when it was most required. Show me her pic...

I don't have one... he said as a matter of fact..

ok how does she look?

I don't know! I have never seen her!

What the FUck! You mean Blind Date!!!! Jao beta Vijayi Bhava!
By the way, what's her name?

I don't know!

Man do you know anything! Are you sure you are going on a date? I mean this sounds a big shit considering your experience!

Look Dude! he shouted as his impatience grew. I met her while blogging and I call her Niharika! that's it . Now will you excuse me!

Ok cool Man! I was jus asking!

Well you ask too much!

Ok! cool yaar, chill maar. And hello, aren't you a little too early, for a date...Man even the sun is not up yet!

I am going to Pune... any probs..

No why should I have any problem? "Jaane Jaan dhoondta fir raha main tujhe raat din pune mein kahan", his roomie laughed at his own joke.

Our hero had no option but to ignore him.. and walked out of the door.

His roomie came running behind him and said.."Abe majhnoo card le le are gonna need it!", as he passed him his debit card!

He thanked his roomie and walked out.

As soon as he turned his back on, he shouted ..and take this DEO..she's gonna need it!

Now I am Bored....will type the rest of the story later!


Sakhi said...

haa..haa... this is turning out to be very interesting! :D :D

Will wait for the rest of the story.

Thanks for taking so much pain to do this :) :)

Anonymous said...

I am here from Sakhi's blog. Loved the roomie's attitude! Like Sakhi says above, it is turning out to be very interesting!