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Monday, November 02, 2009

Just a moment Sir...

So here I am, writing a post about something about which I have absolutely no idea. I don't know how it will turn out - But who Cares!

You do!!! Just a moment Sir, - alright I admit I would like it to be a mam albeit a 36-24-36 type but I as well as you do that such species are extinct from my blog as well as my life :( . Common Dude, If It were there, do you think there could be any reason to blog??? It's 0132 Hrs right now and It would be those "coochicoo"-ing times on phone.

Just a moment Sir, I want to clarify that I do not call you "Sir" entirely out of respect. I do so because that makes it impersonal. I would regret to call you brother or friend because you might know something that can be described as: Homo Sapiens females, Age : 21-25, looks: Attractive. Rest doesn't matter!!!

Just a moment Sir, I said "rest doesn't matter" because I strictly means so. It is inclusive of your sister, girlfriend, crush, love etc. Ok you think that was cheap, I don't! That is exactly the reason why I want to keep it impersonal.

Just a moment Sir, I would like to exclude "girlfriend" from that list. Yeah, I know you are still upset but I did not exclude it to please you. I never intended to please you with my post. I simply did it because I know, that you don't have one.

Just a moment Sir, before you open your mouth as wide as crocodile to shout that you have a girlfriend, I would like to remind you that your shouting just goes on to prove that I indeed hit the bulls eye. In case you are still claiming to have one I challenge you to prove it by sending me her photograph, Mobile No, and other contact details so that I can verify your claims. ;)

Just a moment Sir, before you label me as "despo", I would like to say that I am not. In case you did not notice, I said that I would like to keep it impersonal. Furthermore, I specifically mentioned to avoid words like "brother" & "friend". This implies that these words have some relevance to me and I do not hit on my Friends & Brothers close associates. Additionally, I would like to state that the laptop that I am using to type this post is over a month old and yet a virgin!!! Any kind of pornography has not been played or stored on this laptop ever! A complete virgin!!! And you can choose any expert to examine my laptop at your expense to verify my claims.

Just a moment Sir! Why the heck am I asking you for a moment? I must be dumb or rather too dumb - You know why? Because you know you have nothing else to do! You are an Idler!! Yes, you are those type that have nothing else to do on Internet! You are here because you have nothing else to do. You are one of those who don't even get a scrap on orkut for weeks!!! That's why you are here. You know it!!

Just a moment Sir, you must be wondering how can I know so much about you? This is simply because you and I are in same position -except for the laptop virginity part!!!

Ok, Anyways where was I, Just a moment....Sir, I wanted to say that this is My blog and I can do whatever I want to do with it. Frankly dear, I don't give a damn!!!

Ps: In an unlikely event that a female of above mentioned description is reading this post, I want you to know that I am not a loser...but ..this is what company can do to you!


Sakhi said...

hun??? am i dumb not to get the context of this post? :P :P

falcon said...


And what is the context mam

Puneet said...

Just a moment falcon, my chrome is virgin, I use firefox for all the lust. So I am on an even ground with you atleast on the browser. And yeah, a guy with a girlfriend(a rarity), won't ever read blogs. Unlike us, they have people with whose virginity they can play. We are tormented computer junkies. Anyways, it is cold now and my fingers aren't allowing me to type further.
The post gave me a laugh and worse a pronounced cough. And sorry mate, I don't have details of any girls.