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Monday, February 12, 2007

Adieu, Anna Nicole Smith

I was shocked and surprised to hear about the death of Ms. Anna Nicole Smith and even more surprised at the amount of media coverage given to the untimely death of Ms. Smith. Wasn't her death given excessive media coverage?

Then, I realised, that Ms. Smith was no ordinary actor, she was much more than that, she was a celebrity, a star. What if she didn't even know "A" of acting, she was still a star. A star that could give any "porn star" a run for money! Who wouldn't with 38 DD-26-38 stats and bare it all attitude! though her 38 DD was a bit disproportionate ( at least to me ) but size does matter doesn't it?

And, she used her assets very well to bag "Playboy playmate of the year1993", two time "Playboy playmate" and " The uncrowned queen of centerfolds". Last but the most important in her list of achievements award - " billionaire J Howard Marshall 89" whom she won over at the age of 26 in 1994.

Her billion dollar cheque was issued a year later with the death of Mr. Marshall but it took 12 long years of legal battle to get it cleared in 2006 ( 12 long years of exile ! I am sorry Ms. Smith).

I am sorry Ms. Smith that you died so young (only 39,what a shame!) and could not live long enough to enjoy your multimillion dollars. After all you tried 12 long years for it or may be even more.

The only solace that comes to me is from media, who adequately covered the "great lady's" untimely death and gave her adequate publicity for which she had an insatiable appetite and always yearned for.

I miss you Anna, without you my nightfall would never be the same. Adieu Anna "Rest in peace" people like you.



Anonymous said...

no comments on this..btw,how did she die??drug overdose may be..but,who cares..i dont understand wat kind of lifestyle these ppl hav..and how can they enjoy it?? drugs,alcohol,parties,hot dudes 24*7 and thats it!! again none of my business..naturally becoz i m a woman.

falcon said...

give me a million dollar gal, and i'll surely find out "how they can enjoy it?"
jus kiddin gal.

Anonymous said...

oops..i have created some confusion here..i put my comment abt anna nicole smith in ur another post regarding women issue...i dnt understand how cud i make such stuppid mistake.anyways..

falcon said...

thats why i wondered what makes saberi dasgupta innnocent?

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha..laughing at myself.