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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My view about Afzal Guru

Enough has been written about Md. Afzal Guru and his trial that there is little left to write something new about it so, it is quite possible that my blog would just appear to be a paraphrase of what you people have already read.
My knowledge about Md. Afzal has mostly come from the newspapers which started following quite late in the trials.What I fail to understand is the basis of "clemency petition" of Md. Afzal. what is the ground for this clemency petition?

1) That he has a wife and a child?
Well Mr. Afzal you should have thought of it earlier.And what about the security guards, who were killed during the attack on parliament? Didn't they have a family? didn't they had a mother, a wife and a child to take care of? Did you think about them?

2) That he is innocent?
If he is really innocent, then Indian state has no business to put him behind bars and that too for 14 years.

3)That he did not face a fair trial?
Then shouldn't he appeal for a "review petition" instead of a "clemency petition"?

4)That death penalty is in itself is not justified?
Yes, that can be case and a very good one too. And I do agree that in an ideal civilized society there is no scope of death penalty. But that's where the problem lies. In an ideal civilised society there would be no crime and disputes and hence no place for judiciary, let alone a grave crime like what Md. Afzal did.
Tell me, should we allow a rabid dog to roam free or allow a tiger turned man-eater to live? Why kill them? Why take their life if you could not give one?
Because they are a threat to human life. People like Md. Afzal are a bigger threat. They are worse than the rabid dog because they have the ability to judge the difference between right and wrong.

5)That the judge pronouncing the sentence could be killed?
"Mr. Human Right" where are you? Is it not unfair and inhuman for being murdered for calling a spade, a spade.

6)That his killing would cause huge acts of voilence across J&K and country?
So, a sovereign state like India should buckle under pressure from a terrorist and make a mockery of its Judiciary and in the process invite more attacks on parliament? What are you suggesting my learned noble sympathisers?
And, as for the most notable sympathiser Mr. Geelani didn't you find any lawyer in the country that you had to hire Md. Afzal defence attorney. And, my request to the defence attorney, now that you are campaigning for clemency, please and please, don't be so ridiculously shameless to say that you are a professional and therefore went to Mr. Geelani and left Md. Afzal to his gallows; think of a better excuse or else stop campaigning for him.

Please, my fellow citizens of India, wake up and stand for justice. Stop making a political issue of Md. Afzal, keep people like "Rahul Mahajan" and "Mr. Geelani " away from the issue.

If Md. Afzal is guilty do not spare him, and if at all he has been framed (which should be clear in case of review petition) don't make him suffer.


  • blogger takes at the face value the judgement of the supreme court.
  • blogger is a final year student in engineering and not a Lawyer.
  • blogger is of the opinion that the case should be reviewed so no one can point a finger to our judiciary

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