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Monday, March 02, 2009

Another attempt at poetry

You think it's funny
Oh Boy, it's not all that sunny

The tears don't come out of my eyes
And I always stifle my hoarse cries

I see my efforts go vain
And I do feel pain

All hopes gone for a toss
And doors marked with red cross

No matter how hard I try
My dream are still gonna die

The tears don't come from my eyes
And I have stifled my hoarse cries

I am tired of putting a strong face
I am sick of this stupid race

Like a fallen crown
I want to break down

But, This is not me
This is what I refuse to be!!!

PS: 1) This is probably the most pathetic post by me.
2) I don't know what I wrote except the last two lines.
3) I was trying to make (not write) a poem and the result is in front of you.
4) As mentioned before I suck at poetry!!!


Intriguiging Answers said...

its a pretty fair attemp at writing something meaningful...but as i told you can i accept something aprt from stuff ful of sadness and despair..I know that you are good with such stuff but i want to see your lighter side of writing as well.

Raghav Goyal said...

dude thak god you wrote the P.S. part... no offence but the poem was a bit of crap... why did you write this poem( i know you answered this in you ps section but still!!)... and i dont think you suck at potry but you sure did try hard to prove yourslef right...
keep posting...

Vijay said...

hey falcon...i didnt undrstood the poetry...i am bad at that...but keep working....:)

Man of Roma said...

It is good! I liked it! A nice attempt & a nice poem. I'm not a poet myself, but I am a reader of poems. There could be some talent, who knows, although talent is of little importance compared to will and exercise. So continue, if you like this type of expression, and don't excuse yourself so much, since writing poems is not something to be ashamed of in my view. Art is fun.

Puneet said...

It shows that you are still starting in poetry. still a good try. i liked it, you will certainly improve.
Waiting for another poem...