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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Between Friends

There are few statements that leave you completely stumped, at other times you want to shoot eith3er yourself or the sayer. Here are some of those:

1. I: "yaar, mere ko 3 assignment, 2 files, 4 test paper aur 9 experiment likhne hai"
Sam: "ghabra mat yaar, mer pass (CD)writer hai na!!!"

2. VP(Copying Hulk):"Now you are making me angry. You won't like me when I am angry."
Sandy:"I don't like you anyways!!!"

3. Him: "yaar, abhi rainbow nikla hoga! Jab mein Gujrat mein tha to maine kai bar rainbow dekha tha.Mumbai mein ek bar bhi nahin dekha!"
Sidbha: "haan , woh (rainbow) shift ho gaya na!"

4. BSL: "yaar apna pehle weight bhadha, jab mein Pulsar seekh raha tha to mujhse bhi bike control nahin hoti thi. Main do baar gira, fir aadat ho gayi"
Him: " Sahi hai, ab girne ki aadat ho gayi hai!!!"

5. At 3:00 am, Somebody said: "Look at DD, he does everything according to his routine."
Just then his alarm started ringing .
I: "ya, it's his time to wake up and pee!!!"

6. Somebody asked, "what are you going to do with your first salary?"
Him: "will buy a new mobile"
I: "Will buy a washing machine!"
BSL: "So, what Sidbha does with his salary?"
Aj: "Aishwarya(bar) .... daru...IB...quarter"
I: "Nahin, iske salary se iske dost girlfriend patate hai woh bhi iski!!!"

7. My biology teacher: "The heart makes a "Lupp" and "Dupp" sound due to closing and opening of its valves at every Systole and Distole. It's not "Dhak Dhak" as popularly believed."
I: Mam, then the song should be " Main jo sochoon teri baat jiyera lupp-dup lupp-dup bole"
Mam:"yes you make such songs! Get out of the class!"

8. After being completely sloshed Sidbha, Aj, and Iwere sitting on a pavement near our flat arround 2:00-3:30 am.The watchman of the underconstruction tower building Starts hooting whistle from the other side of the road.
On every 1st whistle- Sidbha : Bhen****!
On every 2nd whistle- Aj : Madar*&@*!
On every 3rd whistle- I : Sala, Bhen*@$# ! Gay kahin ka! line mar raha hai sala!
citi marta hai! ghar mein bhai baap nahin hai kya?!!!

9. I: "Monu what happened? so many scratches on your face? and your eye looks a
little swollen?
Monu: "nothing!"
I: " Ok, I'll ask M*!" ( his gf)
Monu: "I'll tell you"
Here is what he told me!!
In the local zoo four filthy guyswere looking at M*
M* : "look at the way those guys are staring at me!"
Monu: "what can I do?" ( not that he can't do)
M* ( angrily): "yes what can you do? Even if they rape me, you won't do anything!
you'll sit and watch!!!"
Monu ( all charged up): "Tum kya mujhe Namard samajhti ho?"
M*( thinkin that she has overeacted sweetly says : " what can you do? They are four. ( Monu at that time was perhaps good enough for eight.)
Monu : Main boloonga, " Bhai sahab mere ko bhi ek chance plz!!!"
The rest is all understood!!!


infertino said...

hey great one dude....nice grow it....will be a memoir of the good times together....hulk

falcon said...

THX U ALL keep doing those stupid thingsand my collection will definately grow...