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Friday, June 22, 2007

What's going on?

This post is not a rip off from the track of "Salam Namaste". It is actually a comment on the Idiosyncrasies of Indians.

Yesterday, I was watching TV thanks to the TV tuner card borrowed from Varun, and everywhere on the news channel flashed only one name actually two but I will come to that later. "Sunita"! "Sunita"!! "Sunita"!!!

" Who the hell is this Sunita ?", I thought. "Must be some new actress in some Ekta Kapoor Serials"! After watching the whole news I realized it isn't the "Sunita" of Ekta Kapoor, it's even worse, it being, She is "Sunita Williams"!!! Never for a moment I realized that they were talking about the "Sunita Williams"!!!

Now, let me be very clear, I have nothing against her and why should I? She has done a commendable job, I wish her a safe entry and many more success to come. She is the type of daughter that every mother would have! but that's it!!! Let it be the end, Why make her a demigod ? Why? She is given a treatment that even Neil Armstrong would crave for?
And that exactly is my problem, we are obsessed with people of Indian Origin? We go Ga-Ga over their success and make them demigod and what do they do in return? They spit on our face?

"V.S Naipaul" oh he is such a great writer! he is fabulous! bull- shit at my prime I could write better than him! and that's not bragging it's just being modest. Anyway how does he react to our appreciation. To quote him, " 30 years ago Indians were just not literate enough to appreciate my writing". Fucker what's there to appreciate in your books!!! And 30 years ago, was the time of our father and mother and believe me when I say, our parents have a better grip over literature than you and I will ever have. For the simple reason that society then was more Arts dominated they had the time to study, cherish and relish literature while we don't !!! Our knowledge of English literature begins with Shakespeare and ends with Dan brown. Hindi does anybody know beyond "Premchand"???

Yes, you say you know but how much, so much that Oscar Wilde becomes "wildee", "Guy DE Maupassant" is "Maupassant" (and not "Maupassa" ! ( Sarcasm here! It is called "maupassa" Wish I could use phonetic symbols here )Anyway for those who think I am still overestimating my writing skills then tell you a fact if Naipaul can think Twain, Joyce ( James), Wilde and Dickens were a piece of trash then even I can think he is not even worth a "fucking horse shit" ( freedom of speech and expression!!!)
And, that is just one example, I can go on citing many; but the post will become too long (as if it weren't!). The point is that we have enough talent in our country and instead of wasting your money in wishing Sunita who in all probability won't even read your sms you could help a child to nurture his talent.

Look, what Kalpana Chawala did! At first I thought she was brought up here, studied here, but when it came to serve she went to USA. And I was wrong, she went because she wouldn't have got the opportunities here and every year she took full responsibility of a Girl Child's education.May be a meagre amount of her earnings but nevertheless she did that.

I respect Sunita and Chawala for their accomplishments, but I am not overawed by them. I pray for Sunita safe return, but I also pray for the safety of her team members. And Never ever am I going to do a "Yagya" for her. She is not the only member of the team nor she is the most important. She being of the Indian origin does not change her position in the space nor does it reduce her risk. The space doesn't even care about her origin better we start doing the same.

Respect her for her individuality, appreciate her for her work not for her origin.


Anonymous said...

nice post..i agree with fact, i was writing a comment on your post but then so many thoughts propped up in mind that i thought i should make it a post for my blog consider my new post as a very long comment on ur views...i might have copied some traces of your original post but then, call it an inspirition.. :)
take care..

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Did i ever say iwanted to patent my post...
So go ahead gal and even if u publish thew entire post I really don't mind