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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The longest nine hours

" His father told him that story: his father looked at him through a glass: he had a hairy face.

He was baby Tuckoo.The Moocow came down the road where Betty Bayne lived: She sold lemon platt.
O' the wild blossoms
On the little green place

He sang that song. That was his song.
O, the green wothe botheth...

Tralala lala,
Tralala Tralaladdy,
Tralala lala,
Tralala lala.

- James Joyace
( Potrait of an artist as a young man)

But, all was not well in his life. And his life was certainly not a song . This was 21st century- where the world had become closer but people who lived here had become alien. He had made a mistake. He was in love . It was his fault. He was oblivious to his mistake. He had maintained his fault. This was his double fault.

He was honest, at least to her. He boarded the bus.He wanted to return her photographs...

Her voice kept ringing in his head. "I don't think I want to see you at all.... I can't see you.. I have lectures... I can't come.."

He made a promise,"I'll wait for you !!! 10:00 am at the station." And he would have to wait. It was his promise. He intended to keep it!

Three and a half hour long journey was longer than expected. He was 30 minutes late. He was there at 10:32. "She must have gone! "No she would wait am reply came from his heart."

This was 21st century but who would have explained to this fellow. He looked around, the station was bustling with activities. People, rickshaws, chaos.... all was there - omnipresent. All but her.

"People and people everywhere,
but not a soul in sight"

He waited and waited... The weather was sunny, his bag was heavy... he looked at his watch .... only three minutes had passed. He looked at the sun , it was unforgiving... He smiled and beared the scorching sun.

He waited... the sun waited with him.... but "time" didn't wait.... 12:00... 1:00.... 2:00.... 3:00 pm. he shifted restlessly.

Only an hour or two to go before her college was over... She would then come surely...

5:00pm. The sun had shown mercy, even it was tired but the "Hope Fairy" said she would come soon....And he waited... "hoping against hope"

Another hour passed the sun was going to set..... it mocked and said "Good Bye dear, you wait... she will come... "

Out came the stars slowly, It was over seven.... The moon said in its mournful light. You ought to go now....

He boarded the bus. His three and a half hour return journey began.... As his bus passed her college. A faint smile spread at the corner of his lips..."This is indeed 21st century."

Hey, what are you thinking? This is 21stcentury. "Love" and "Dinosaur" are extinct now. It's all a figment of imagination!!!


Anonymous said...

what to say on this??? get over her yar..when things don't go ur way,it an indicator that the time has come when you should change the way of doing things..i know u loved her with all ur heart,but if she isn't ready,then u ought to move on..probably she wasn't worthy of your boundless love.let me guess your age-23/24 years?? and u sound so sad and lost..??? plz do urself a favour-close that chapter of life forever..puri zindagi padi hai aage..kya karna hai??hasi khushi rehna hai na...get over it.

falcon said...

My dear well- wisher, now who r u??? It just doesn't look like Shikha's comment... and u r "not in my friends circle" for u hav known my age!!!.
So kindly do me a favour, read the last line of the post...
I do not deny that it doesn't hav reflections of my envoirnment... but it happens with all of us ... ur thoughts do reflect the society u were brought up in!!!.
And if u thought the post was a true incident... I take that as a compliment to my "DRUNK WRITING"!!!

shikha said...

ouch!! i dunno what was wrong with me that day when i read your post.i do skip a lot of words and probably sentences while reading..(probably tats how i have managed to read my gigantic text books so far..u see,its practically impossible to finish reading them if u r to read word to word..kya kare,aadat pad gayi..)

so all tat u wrote isn't a true incident..i see,then u r a GIFTED writer for sure..some sentences in your post ,trust me,have given me goosebumps!!omg..superb..keep it up.
btw,how was ur trip to pune??

falcon said...

THX, but I do hav some reservations....excuse me if that was a real incident then do ya imply that the post is not GOOD???

btw it was my TRIPS to pune... may be u'll get a post on that...

and ya my age 21