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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

GUYS SAY IT TOO- Yes they do!

Here are some cheesy and romantic lines actually said by guys.
  • I can give my life for her one genuine smile, all she has to do is ask for it!

  • The last time I met her- She told me that she is sorry she couldn't get me a gift on my birthday but she came and that's THE BEST GIFT I have ever received.

  • Boss, I cannot guarantee that I will keep her "VERY HAPPY" all the time but I can guarantee that SHE will be HAPPY with me all her life.

  • "WOH mere bina bahut khush hai" (eyes moist and smile on face)

  • "SORRY"!!!

  • "Aaj uski bahut yaad aa rahi hai"!!

Unfortunately, most of the statements are said after the guy is drunk!!! Notice the absence of "second person". ( Absence of the word You ) in the above statements.


Nova said...

Yeah! Have noticed a lot of guys actually get overly-senti on getting drunk :P Saara sentiapa foot-foot ke nikalta hai :)

falcon said...

very true

krishna said...

Ashish i know u and i don't about other guys but...these are ur favourite lines after vodka..Dude don't hide ur feelings...its natural and honorable

falcon said...

CHAL shot mat de... bhang khaila hai kya. pink floyd ke chatti aulad.. sale when did i drink with u khali pili rep bigad raha.. hai..
Nikal yahan se nalayak. ahmak, karmjale...