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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Last few weeks are weeks has been weeks of realization. I have realized a lot. It has helped me attain a certain level of enlightenment. I always say, “Knowing a fact and accepting THE fact are two different things”.

The facts that I have accepted are:

• Girls are stupid but they are not stupid enough to be seen with me!!!

• Sarcasm is in my blood.

• I can live without cigarette for more than 19 days.

• No matter what you do, how big you are; Mom is always going to make you drink milk.

• Drinking milk does not make you sloshed, though you may still feel like throwing up! It is non-alcoholic in nature!

• Never test your younger brother martial art skills especially when he is state champ. Even with guards you can still get beaten black and blue. The worst part is that you cannot show that you are hurt!

• When caught in above situation, twist his ears and slap him. He/It won’t resist. After all you are elder!!!

• In the above situation it is highly recommended that you have a third hand to shut his mouth. He calls Mom for aid. Can’t get even EVEN!!! Bu hu hu!

• Your dogs too take your bro’s side!!!

• Your white shirt, cannot escape your dog’s paw print. Lots of washing to do!

• You cannot wear jeans for more than 3 days if mom is around.

• You realize that most of your cream coloured dresses are actually white!!! Thx to mom again.

• Breakfast at home is at 8:00 am and dinner at 10:30 (latest) and not the other way round!!!

• Your dogs get a sadistic pleasure by licking your face and that too at 5:30 AM night. Oops back home it is Morning and certainly not a Good Morning!

• Not many would agree, but I can share anything with mom and she keeps it secret!!!

• Hate as much as you can but railway coaches are bound to have cockroaches!

• My ego is bigger than me.

• I sing to irritate people!

• Nobody reads my blog. Alright almost nobody!

• A washing machine has a distinct advantage over your girlfriend. You see neither can cook!!!

• Fine Shoot me, I admit in my post I might have made you a villain but it is unintentional. It’s just my side of the story. I do not, in anyways, want to malign you. It was, is and probably (I hope I am wrong) will be just be one – way street. AND IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT IT WILL NO LONGER BE A STREET IT MEANS I HOPE IT WILL BECOME BOTH WAY STREET AND NOT TWO WAY. ALREADY IT IS DIFFICULT ENOUGH!!! (don't want competition). It is my mistake (the posts and I intend to repeat it.) I am sorry. That is again if you read it!

• Hey, I can say SORRY too!!!


Rishabh said...

falcon.........this is the good one....whatever u have realized is quite true......infact this is the life u realize one thing or the other at every steps.........after ur serious article on sports this serves as good recipe for those who r looking for some light articles...... keep it up.

@_raj said...

kya baat hai !! . .facts n facts al round . .no 1 can ever ignore even ny 1 of those .. its there in every body's life .. some accept it otherz ignore it n few try to fight it out. ... but facts remain as alwayz. .making u feel d other side of life . .nice realization !!

Nova said...

Hey that made for a fun read :)

falcon said...