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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why India doesn’t fare well in sport?

First the facts:
India’s population: 100 crore+
Basic needs of man: Food, clothing and shelter
No. of Olympic gold medals: can be counted on fingers

• Now how many people does it take to make a hockey/football team? 11. And how many people are there in a squad? 16. Now tell me how would you react if you know if you realize you are the 17th in a team? Disappointed??? Now how would you react if you know that your entry ticket no is 51st? Try your luck elsewhere! Exactly! That’s my point.

With the exception of cricket, there is hardly any sport which you can make a career. Now you are 51st rank in 100 crore + population but you can’t make the sport your career. And I am still being optimist! When you want to make an ace team you not only have to provide for the best but also for the “also ranked”!
With no support system to handle the failures, or rather those who cannot make it to the top 16there is little chance that anyone would make sport his profession. Unfortunately for us, we cannot assure even the best hockey players a decent living. You can’t ask somebody to take hockey or basketball as career when you can’t assure them their basic needs.

• Do we really have a system which takes care when players are injured? No, certainly no. An injured player is left to fend for himself! You can’t take them as expendable assets! (Ya I know that phrase has been taken from resident evil!!!)

• Can you give them their due recognition? No! Admit it, Sania Mirza is getting all the publicity because she is downright SEXY. That’s all! Disagree? Ok. Can you remember the names of any six women cricketers? Name the Indian women who is the world boxing champ? Which category? Even I don’t remember!!!Name the player who is the world carom champ? (Please don’t use Google just to prove me wrong!)

• Do we have the required facilities? Remember “Jaspal Rana” he walked out of the national coaching centre because it didn’t provide him with ammo. His rift with the coach also played a significant factor. He spoke about it only after winning another gold at Doha (which event I don’t remember. You see point number 3). Can an average Indian afford to buy a pool table?

• Can you keep politics out of the system and the selection process?

• Do we have the necessary scouting staff and mechanism to hunt for new raw talent? The archers in the north-east hit bull’s eye from thrice the distance of Olympic standard (however they don’t fare well when asked to shoot from a nearer range). Can you hunt and tap a talent from a district judo meet?

These are just some of the random examples. The bottom line is that to win gold you got to give enough reasons to youngster to take sport as a career. If you can’t do that it is useless to talk of 100 crore+ population and a handful of gold medals.


infertino said...

good and in-depth thoughts of urs has mesmerized me....great job

RISHABH said...

ashish u have mention important point of politics in sports.......actually i feel that politicians should not meddle in sports....moreover it is essential to develop sporting attitude among us.

falcon said...

it is not the question of "politician" meddling with sports but the politics that is played in the said sport governing body. not only politician but nobody should play politics in the sports

Rishabh said...

yeah exactly wherever there will be politicians the sport is bound tosuffer. Bcoz every move that politicians make is inkeeping votebanks in mind. The politicians should not be allowed to head any sporting organisations. But sadly in India all politicians are head of sporting organisations be it cricket, Football, IOA, etc

falcon said...

i would not agree to ur statements exactly... Sharad powar has done alot to remove politics from cricket (though a lot still needs to be done ) and KPS GILL WHO AS PER MY KNOWLEDGE IS NOT A POLITICIAN HAS DONE HOCKEY MORE HARM THAN GOOD

rajesh said...

no way we gonna eliminate politics from sports..........the problem is not only with the commity members players are also just following everything.They could atleast the senior membors can oppose some issues like cricket selection boards from every region consists of inexperienced person. So, i think they need to protest to include some known cricketers in the board squads.

krishna said...

See guys its not only about politics ,its more to do with the outlook of peoplein india...u know every damn village in India has a grand temple but why don't these people arrange for some sporting facility in schools....The picture today tells us that sports or pursuing sports has become a privelege enjoyed only by the rich people as their family can afford to take the risk of pursuing it and thay don't have to think of their future security....WEll this is true in every sphere evrything is being chanelled to the people who already have it and love to accumulate it